Awaara (7 khoon maaf) – Lyrics and Meaning

I had totally forgotten about this song till I heard it the other day on the radio. Another beautiful song from the same movie is Bekaraan (with the interspersed dialogues), but I will leave the latter for some other time.

Right now its awaara……Master Saleem’s voice sounds perfect for this slightly dark song…….what a beautiful comparison of the wandering nature of the heart with that of a dry leaf  tossed aimlessly by the wind.

Awaara Awaara Awaara Awaara Awaara 

Hawa pe rakhe sookhe patte,  awaara 

Paaon zameen pe lagte hi ud lete hai dobara

Vagabond, Vagabond …..

Like the dry leaf floating in the air

As soon as your feet touch the ground, you are ready to fly again 

Naa shaak jude , na jad pakde

Mausam mausam banjaara 


Neither can you keep yourself attached to a branchNor can you hold on to the ground like the roots

You are like a nomad, that changes from season to season

Jhonka jhonka ye hawa, roz udaaye re 

Jaaki daar gayi , wo to beet gaya 

Jaaki maati gayi, waka meet gaya 

koi na bulaaye re

Every day, gusts of winds toss you around 

Once you detach from the branch, you are a thing of the past

Once you detach yourself from your conscience, you loose your friends 

No one will ever want you back 

rut rang liye aayi bhi gayi 

muthiyaan na khuli, berang rahi 

sookha patta banjara 


The season will bring all its colors

But with your closed palms, you will remain discolored 

You are a nomad, like the dry leaf

Sargam : ni ni ni sa sa ni ni ni sa sa re re sa sa (10) pa dha pa ma ma pa ma ga ga ma ga re sa re ga sa

Haule haule ye hawa, khel khilaaye re 

Khole dhoop kabhi, ghole chaanv kabhi 

kabhi pankh bane, bane paanv kabhi 

dhool dikhaaye re,

koi thaah na mili, na hawa na zameen,

na umeed ugi, na dilaasa kahin 

udta jaaye bechara


Gentle breeze plays with you, 

It flies you into the sun, and sometimes leave you in the shade

It forms your wings at times, and at times it becomes your legs 

And drags you into the dust 

But you never find a place to stay, neither can you float in the air, nor stay on the ground

Neither do you find hope, nor comfort anywhere 

Poor thing! you just keep flying

My interpretation : The way I see this song, looks like the “dry leaf”  and the “wind” are a reference to the human heart and destiny (or time or life). Its how the heart always keeps wondering, going from one though to another, one desire to another. Just when one feels that its time to settle, the heart expresses another desire and so the journey begins again. It is hard for the heart to remain attached to a thought (a person or a place), or remain grounded (like the roots), it likes to be on the move all the time. Destiny is sometimes like this strong gust of wind that detaches the leaf from the tree i.e frees the heart of all its previous attachments, but just like the leaf  becomes dull and colorless, similarly  when free to wander one is distanced from family and friends  (freedom comes with a price). And then even if the season changes from fall to spring, the leaf  cannot get back its color, just like the heart can never be the same again.
At other times destiny is  like this gentle breeze, that plays with our hearts. It gives us some happy times and some sad ones. It helps us fly or walks us through the ground and finally shows us the dust (reality). But the heart is never stable, it always wants something that it does not have and always likes to go in search of the unknown.

In the movie I think the song refers to the nature of the female protagonist in the movie : Priyanka Chopra, who looks for love everywhere, but never finds true love, and she keeps searching for true love, never being satisfied with what she has, never ready to make adjustments and form a stable relationship with the men who come into her life, just like a dry leaf  tossed by the wind, just like a vagabond.


100 things!

I just decided to make a page out of it. 🙂 Easy to find, easy to read, easy to strike off 🙂

When I started this blog I never thought I would be doing this! Writing the 100th post 🙂  Like most other things I thought I would soon loose interest on the way! But I guess not.

So what is it going to be, its going to be 100 things I have to do, I want to have, I want to do or I want to experience or visit. After seeing my parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts aging, I realized this one important thing -“Life comes with an unknown expiry date, and we cannot change it, but what we can do while we are still alive is never let our desires expire, replace them but don’t let them expire.”  So here is a list I will fall back on, on those dull days when I feel I have nothing to look forward to. The list may change over time, but there will always be a list here 🙂

25 places I want to visit :

100. Makinac Island, MI lake, USA

99. Prism Lake, Yellowstone National Park, USA

98. Olympic National Park, Washington, USA

97. The Swiss Alps, Switzerland

96. Ooty, Tamil Nadu, India

95. Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

94. The Wisteria Tunnel, Japan

93. Jodhpur and Mount Abu, Rajasthan, India

92. Opera house, Sydney, Australia

91. Taj mahal, Agra, India

90. Banaras, India

89. Blue Caves – Zakynthos Island, Greece

88. Venice, Italy

87. Niagara Falls, Canada

86. Machu Pichu, Peru

85. Bagan, Burma

84. Madagascar Island

83. Maldives

82. Dubai

81. Tunnel of Love, Ukraine

80. Detian Falls, China

79. Crater Lake, Oregon , USA

78. Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA

77. Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

76. Pyramids Egypt

25 things I want to do/learn

75. Driving Finally got my driving license on 17th December 2014

74. Swimming

73. Sewing

72. Click photographs professionally for an event

71. Learn how to Dance

70. Learn how to sketch portraits (make a portrait of my family)

69. Learn oil/acrylic/water painting

68. Knit a sweater and a muffler 24th December 2013

67. Make a pizza from scratch 26th December 2013

66. Learn a new language (most likely malayalam 😉 )

65. Learn how to program efficiently

64. Join a dance group and perform for a huge crowd

63. Learn how to play the guitar

62. Help someone achieve their dream

61. Play an onscreen role in  a movie

60. Adopt a dog

59. Run a 5k

58. Eat vegetables grown in my own kitchen garden

57. Fit into my favorite dress (that is loosing close to 30lbs)

56. Volunteer for an old age home or an orphanage or both

55. Plant a tree

54. Keep a fish as a pet

53.  Learn how to make a kolam/rangoli

53. Identify constellations and find all planets using a telescope

51. Send hand written letters and postcards to 25 friends/relatives.

25 things I want to see/experience (at least once)

50. Lantern Festival, Thailand

49. Tomato Festival, Spain

48. Snorkeling

47. Flying in a hot air balloon

46. Cherry Blossom Festival, Washington DC

45. Skiing

44. Tulip Festival, Netherlands

43. See a Broadway Show

42. Go on a cruise

41. Watch stars from a camp site (away from all city lights)

40. A  bike trip

39. Go Fishing and catch a BIG fish

38.  Boat race, Kerala

37. A film festival

36. An ayurvedic oil massage

35. Kayaking or river rafting or both 🙂

34.  Aurora Borealis

33. Wildlife Safari

32.  Celebrate a crazy holi (with bhang :))

31.  Carnival Parade, Brazil

30.  Watch dolphins and whales in open water

29. Experience zero gravity

28. Watch a live volcano

27. Go on a trek

26. Travel across (or a part of) a desert with a caravan

7. Skydiving

25 things I would like to have or buy one day , some day

25.  An Ipod  24th August 2013 🙂

24. A good guitar

23.  An art room (to dance, sing and paint all I want)

22.  A  good zoom lens November 1st 2014 

21.  A telescope

20. A fireplace in my living room

19.  A patio full of plants and flowers

18. Someone as crazy as I am

17.  A peaceful soul

16.   A collection of my favorite movie DVDs

15.  A collection of  ghazals from movies and otherwise

14.  Ticket to a Indian Musical Concert (of course attend it too  October 24th  2014

13.  An eco-friendly comfortable home  (with minimum carbon footprint)

12.  A pair of nice ghungroo  June 1st  2014 

11.  A scale changing harmonium

10. A camcorder



6.  A world trip for my parents

5.  A video of pictures/videos of my family

4.  A loving and supportive family

3. An inexhausting spirit to be able to fulfill these dreams

The list is incomplete but I know whats number 2 and number 1 on the list :

2.  A job that can pay for most of the above things 🙂

1. MY PhD. degree ( by the end of this year  October 16th  2014