Kaho ek din….Lyrics and meaning

I came across this song when watching some old episodes of a dance show. The perfection with the which the dance was executed was brilliant, but what caught my attention more was the song. Turns out it is a song sung by Ahmed Jahanzeb and is from his album Parastish (meaning devotion). This is one of those songs where you have to listen to the song, the voice to appreciate the lyrics and vice versa.

Here is a youtube link to the song. Lyrics follow.

Tumhare hain, kaho ek din, tumhare hain, kaho ek din

Ki jo kuch bhi hamare paas hai sab kuch tumhara hai 

I am yours, please say that one day

Because whatever I have is actually all yours 

SARGAM: sa sa sa sa sa re sa sa re re sa re re sa re re 

Sitara si jinhe kehte ho, wo aankhein tumhare hai

Jinhe tum shaakh si kehte ho, wo baahein tumhari hai 

Jinhe tum phool si kehte ho , wo baatein tumhari hai 

Kaho ek din….

The ones that you call stars, they are actually your eyes

The ones that you call branches, they are actually your arms 

The ones that you call flowers are actually your words

Sargam: sa sa sa sa sa re sa sa re re sa re re sa re re 

Agar sab kuch ye mera hai to, sab kuch baksh do ek din

wajood apna mujhe tum de do, mohabbat do ek din 

Mere haathon pe apne haath rakhkar yun kheench lo ek din

Kaho ek din…

If whatever you have is all mine, please bless me with everything one day

Please give me your identity, please give me your love 

Put your hands on mine and pull me towards you one day

What a soulful song, and what beautiful interludes. The song indeed is about parastish, devotion, of devoting oneself completely to the person one loves. A devotion where one’s whole world, the stars, the trees, the flowers all become  a memory of that person, a devotion where one looses one’s own identity and wants to  become that person.

Love, love is such a wonderful emotion. If directed in the right direction, fulfilled and unfulfilled love can both be sources of creation. Love that is fulfilled creates happy memories and a wonderful life, Love that is unrequited creates beautiful poetry and soulful songs like this one and many others. So just love with all your heart, the experience is unmatched and its a win-win situation anyway. 🙂


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