Aur ho (Rockstar) – Lyrics and Meaning

Love, Anger, Passion, Confusion, Fear, Helplessness – have you ever experienced all of these together, well that is exactly what I experienced when I first heard this song…..From the first beat to the last, this song is a journey through a plethora of emotions, some strong and some subtle. I wouldn’t call the lyrics exceptional, but the music and Mohit Chauhan’s voice take it to a different level altogether. If you have not heard the song click here NOW 🙂 , and then you will know what I mean. If you know what the movie is all about and know the situation of the song, you probably already know what I mean.

Meri bebasi ka bayaan hai, bas chal raha na is ghadi 

Ras hasrat ka nichod doon, kas baahon mein aa tod doon

Chaahoon kya jaano na , cheen loon chod doon

Is lamhe kya kar jaoon, Is lamhe kya kar jaaon 

Is lamhe kya kar doon main jo mujhe chain mile araam mile 

It is a description of my helplessness, that I have no control over anything at the moment, 

I want to fulfill all my desires , I will hold you so tightly in my arms that it will break you 

I don’t know what I want, 

Should I just snatch you , or should I just leave you, 

What should I do at this moment, what should I do at this moment

What should I do at this moment, so that I can have some peace of mind, some rest.

Aur ho aur ho saans ka shor ho, aanch bhi aur badhe 

aur ho aur ho saans ka shor ho, taap bhi aur chadhe 

aur ho aur ho, aur mile hum aur bhi jal jaayein

tujhe pehli baar main milta hoon har dafaa

meri bebasi ka bayaan hai 

Let there be more noise as I breathe, let the flames rise

Let there be more noise as I breathe, let there be more heat

Let us meet again, let us burn even more

It feels like our first meeting, whenever I meet you

This is a description of my helplessness 

Tujhe cheen loon ya chod doon, tujhe maang loon ya mod doon, 

Is lamhe kya kar jaaon, …

Should I snatch you, or leave you, should I ask for you, or turn you away

What should I do at this moment

Main hasrat mein uljhi dor hoon aaj, suljha de 

Main dastak hoon tu band kiwaadon sa, khulja re 

O bebasi, man mein basi, aa jeete jeete jeele sapna 

Aur ho Aur ho ……

I am entangled in my desires, please untangle me, 

I am like a knock, and your are like a closed door, please open up to me

Oh helplessness, that resides in my heart, let me live and as I live let me live my dreams

Ruke se na ruke, ye na thake,

aandhi si jo chale in saanson ki 

pata bhi na chale, kahan pe kya jale hai darr se

tan man ki sihran se, hasrat ki sulgan se, bhadke aur 

shola shola jale bujhe dhuan dhuan ho

dhuan dhuan lage mujhe dhuan dhuan ho 

meri bebasi ka bayaan hai 

It is endless (it does not stop), It is untiring 

This storm that fills every breath of mine 

I don’t even know what has been burning, it is my fear, 

The tingling sensation in my mind and body, the ignition of desires

which causes it to burn even more

I see flames lighting and burning out, causing smoke

I see smoke all around me, engulfing me

It is the description of my helplessness…..

He feared losing her yet again, He loved her so much that he could die for her, He was so angry that he could kill her if she did not come back to him, He was so passionate about her, he could kill the person who came close to her, He was confused when it came to choosing between what he was expected to do, and what he wanted to do, and he was helpless as he could do nothing about it, simply nothing. He could not stay with her, but he could not leave her, he wanted to free himself from her, but he was still tied to her and so he desired to destroy himself, to burn in his unfulfilled desires and see the smoke rise in front of him.

It takes only a moment to part, but a lifetime to forget that moment. You can either forget it, or live in that memory forever, but not knowing which one to do is the one that leaves you scared, miserable, angry and helpless.  As they say, love can do both, it can make you or break you.


14 thoughts on “Aur ho (Rockstar) – Lyrics and Meaning

  1. Such a awesome and perfectly correct description you have given, my bro! I am so impressed that you have lived this song and its actual deep meaning. I am deeply connected to this song.
    Thanks for sharing the “desired” meaning of the song.

    • Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to share your thoughts. Much appreciated.
      Not sure if it was the “desired” meaning of the song, just an interpretation I guess.

  2. Hi. I found your blog while looking for the complete translation of this awesome song. I went through some of the posts and you write so beautifully. Please keep writing.

  3. I don’t know Hindi but i always wanted to know the meaning of the lyrics of this song. Thanks for posting it. This one suits me more i think.

    • I am glad I could help. I am glad something good is coming out of all the language classes I took as a kid 🙂
      This song suits you? I don’t know you, but if you say so. 🙂 To me its the song of rebellion, intense love, passion, helplessness….if one or all of those words sound familiar, probably it suits you…..Well, I think too much….excuse my thoughts if they have crossed a line, they usually do 🙂

  4. Hi..

    Love this song. Totally agree with you on the signing and background singers.
    The point about lyrics is also right to some extent but yes won’t have impact without music but then let’s not forget the crap we have in Bollywood lyrics these days. This is a much better piece than that!

    After my bawra Mann translation and meaning haven’t had much time to jot down…

    See if you like…n drop in a comment….

    • You have a cute little space I see, sorry I missed replying to your comment here 🙂
      Thats one of my favorite songs too, baanwra mann dekhne chala ek sapna….
      Thanks for dropping by 🙂

      • Wow, now that is something. Right.
        You replied after a year and I am seeing this and replying after a year. Well kinda. But honestly wasn’t deliberate. Why I smiled the way you replied was, I reply similarly and kind of nearly feel like killing when I’ve missed someone who commented on my blog. It’s so hard because there’s no contact information left by these commentary who are so lazy like me that at max they just write!

        I’ll post my contact info in another comment.

    • Done! Looking forward to reading your compositions.
      I do not have a face-book account, and have no intentions of creating one right now. Glad I can read what you write on your blog now 🙂
      Oh and I unapproved your message with your email id, just so that its not public! unless you like it that way.

  5. Thanks for posting on this song. The very first time I listened to it, I had the chills. As you have said, the composition and the singing is superlative, there is unabashed angst and despair in the way it has been structured, due credit must be given to the background singers. It elevates the pathos to dark depths (intentional paradox). I actually want to understand the words of the background singers. Also, Irshad Kamil’s Hindi words are dark and beautiful – disagree with the “I wouldn’t call the lyrics exceptional” remark. He uses simple words in a very beautiful lyrical structure. A construction that outwardly seems very pedestrian : “shor and aur”, “ras and kas”. “suljha de and khulja re”, etc. However, the sum total of them is mighty effective. Specifically his consistency with the feeling of an ever rising “heat” : aanch, taap, jalan, sihran, sulagan, bhadke, etc. The best bit is the when he materializes the helplessness with : “main dastak hoon tu band kiwaadon sa”….damn! There hasn’t been a better metaphor for unrequited love!

    • 🙂 Thank you sir for that insight. However, I feel if I had just read these lyrics and never heard the song before, they would not have the same impact, if you get what I mean.
      That said, I totally agree with : “his consistency with the feeling of an ever rising “heat” : aanch, taap, jalan, sihran, sulagan, bhadke, etc.”, I did not notice that till you pointed it out 🙂 guess was too busy just putting the meaning of the lines together.

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