Weekly Photo Challenge : Sea

The sea to me is like time, it is not in its nature to stop, as they say : “time and tide wait for no man”. And its easier to run along it than against it.


Beach at Mahabalipuram, India. 

The sea is to me is like an endless source of energy, a symbol of strength. It does not stop when it finds a block, it cuts through the hardest of rocks slowly and steadily, or make its way around them.


Beach at Mahabalipuram, India 

The sea to me is like life, its waves will take in whatever you throw, only to bring it back to the shore one day, someday, as they say “what you give is what you get”.


The waves left some rags, a plastic cup and some plastic bags on the beach. (Aksa beach, Mumbai, India) 

The sea to me is like the ultimate stress reliever. Whenever I am at the beach, at the break of dawn or at dusk, listening to the waves, walking away from the crowd, allowing all noises around me to fade away, all except the sound of the waves and the chirping of the birds, the calmness I experience as I stare at the vast expanse in front of me, is hard to put into words, it’s just an experience, a very relaxing experience 🙂


Sunrise, Marina Beach, Chennai, India


Sunset, Aksa Beach, Mumbai, India.


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