Jaise mile ajnabee (Madras Cafe) – Lyrics and Translation

Sung by zeb,  from the movie Madras Cafe.  Here’s the link . A simple and pleasant song 🙂

Ta ra ta ta ta ……jaise mile ajnabee

Hai meri dua, ki jab hum mile, tu dekhe mujhe mere dost ek baar yun hi

Jaise mile ajnabee

Hum fir se chale, tu fir se hase, main fir se udoon, paaoon nayi ek khushi

Jaise mile ajnabee

To kya hua, ‘gar faasle darmiyaan pad gaye, iska kya gham

Thaam loon peeche se ‘gar main tujhe, tu mud ke mile, fir ek ho hum

Jaane kyun juda raaste hue, jaane kab mile hum tum fir

Suraj ki saahil se kirano ki naav pe nikli thi main dhoondhne kho gayi

Ab to milo ajnabee

Ta ta ra ta ……Jaise mile ajnabee

Dekho to chali hai hawa nayi, dil mein  fir jala wo diya kahin

khwaabon ke jungle mein pedon ki shaakhon se pate samete main hoon khadi

ab to milo ajnabee

Ta ra ta ta …. Jaise mile ajnabee

Like strangers meet, I wish that when we meet, hope you spot me while you are just looking around, like it happens when strangers meet

(I wish) We walk together, you laugh again, i fly again, and experience a new happiness, like it happens when strangers meet

So what if there are distances between us, why should we be sad.

I will come from the back and hold you one day, you will turn around and we will be one again.

I don’t know why our roads are separate now, I don’t know when we will see each other again

From the shores of the Sun, on the boat of sun rays, I started my search for you, but I got lost on the way

Come meet me my stranger

See how a new breeze has started to blow, It has rekindled the lamp (fire) in my heart

In the jungle of dreams, I stand there with leaves  I have gathered from the branches (waiting for you)

Come meet me my stranger

This ones to friends who are out of touch, to relationships that went sour, to loved ones who do not see each other anymore.Think how wonderful it would be if we could rewind and start afresh, like it was the very first meeting, like we were strangers again.There would be a new hope, new dreams, new happiness and we could start all over and build a beautiful tomorrow. I will go in search for you, in the hopes of finding you, and when I am tired or lost, I will wait for you, holding in my hand the dreams which I have gathered over the years…..I have not lost hope, I think we can still meet and start fresh, are you with me?

My favorite lines from the song : “Hum fir se chalein, tu fir se hase, main fir se udoon, paaoon nayi ek khushi” Feels like I have seen this dream a million times over.

(On another note this song reminds me of another song : “Us mod se shuru karein hum ye zindagi, har shay jahan haseen thi, hum tum the ajnabee”. Though the moods of the two songs are slightly different. )


4 thoughts on “Jaise mile ajnabee (Madras Cafe) – Lyrics and Translation

  1. Shukriya Ashwin jee. I love that song Nadaan Parindey too. I would love to translate the song for you but if it is only the meaning you are looking for I am pretty sure there are tons of translations out there. 🙂

  2. Hi ,
    Mujhe Bhut hi acha lga apke translations padh kr.It would be a great favor ,If you can Please translate “Nadaan Parindey” -Rockstar for me.I want to understand the meaning of this song.

  3. hey krithya,
    It is highly commendable that you go through these awesome songs and write interpretation of them.
    I have gone through other entries by you too. Liked some of the entries like Husna and ghar interpretations a lot.

    Just wanted to suggest you a song, don’t know whether you will like it or not, but I find it really soothing.
    Its jaage hain der tak from GURU
    Following is youtube link for it

    Enjoy it!!
    and have a awesome Christmas and a wonderful new year 🙂

    • Thanks a ton Aman! That song is indeed soothing and peaceful, like your name “aman” 🙂
      Its hides so many layers, a tired soul, an innocent heart, a treasured dream….when Gulzar and Rahman come together, there has to be a master piece anyway.
      Hope you have an amazing year ahead too.

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