Falling for Fall(2) – Change

Falling for Fall(2)  - Change

Every fall I look at these changing colors and remind myself :” The only thing in life that is permanent is Change.”

These trees already know it. They know that resistance to change is futile. For them the only way to survive the tough winters, is to let go all the leaves with the hope, that they will grow new ones in the spring. Will they survive the winters? Will they see the spring? What if they get used up to warm/light up  someone’s living room? They have no clue. Such is Life. 

Life does not come with a warranty. It never has, it never will. So when a change comes your way, embrace it. Life may not be the same again, but it will definitely be smoother 🙂


Ghar (Coke Studio) – Lyrics and Meaning (Piyush Mishra)

This is another of those songs which at first go might pass for just another song, but then it grows on you. I love the way Piyush jee’s simple analogies provoke so much thought and so many emotions. Here is a youtubelink to the song if you have never heard it before. The tune is somewhat similar to ek bagal mein chaand hoga, in a different beat (at least that is what I felt). Find the literal meaning of the lines here, followed by my interpretation of this beautiful song 🙂


Ki ujla hi ujla sheher hoga jismein hum tum banaayenge ghar 

Dono rahenge kabootar se jismein hoga na baazon ka darr

Meaning : A city which is bright and full of light, we will build our house there. We will live like a pair of doves, without the fear of hawks

Interpretation : We will build a house in a bright, happy, peaceful city (Love the comparison to the birds through out the song) live like the doves (symbolizing love) ,where there will be no fear of people (or society) trying to separate us. (the hawks symbolizing the enemies of their love). 


Makhmal ki naazuq deewarein bhi hongi, kono mein baithi baharein bhi hongi

Khidki ki choukhat bhi resham ki hogi, chandan si lipti haan sehan bhi hogi

Sandal ki khushboo bhi tapkegi chat se, phoolon ka darwaaza kholenge jhat se 

Dolenge mai ki hawa ke haan jhonke, aankhon ko choo lenge gardan bhigo ke 

Meaning : (our house will have) Walls delicate as velvet, Blooms in the corners of the house, 

Window frames will be made of silk, and the patio will have sandalwood all around it

The smell of sandalwood will drip from the roof too, and we will then hurriedly open the door made of flowers, 

An intoxicating breeze will flow through the house, it will touch the eyes as it wets the neck 

Aangan mein bikhre pade honge patte, sookhe se naazuq se peele chittak  ke 

Paaon ko nanga karke chalenge, charpar ki awaaz se wo bajenge

Meaning : There will be leaves scattered all around the courtyard, some dry, some soft, some yellow bouncing off the surface

We will walk bare feet on them, and set off a crunching sound (as the leaves are crushed) 

Koyal kahegi ki main hoon saheli, maina kahegi nahi tu akeli 

Battakh bhi chonchon mein hasti si hogi, bagule kahenge suno ab utho bhi, 

Hum fir bhi honge pade aankh moonde, galiyon ki ladiyaan dilo mein haan gundhe 

Bhoolenge us paar ke us jahan ko jaati hai koi dagar, jaati hai koi dagar

Ki chaandi ke taaron se raatein bunenge to chamkeeli hogi seher

Meaning : The cuckoo bird tell me she is my friend, the mynaah will tell me I am not alone, 

The ducks probably will be smiling inside their beaks, and the herons will ask us to wake up

But we will just lie there with our eyes closed, kneading a string of streets in our hearts 

We will forget that there is a street (path) that leads to the world on the other side (of the wall) 

When we knit our nights with silver wire, our mornings will shine. 

Interpretation : In this first stanza, the girl describes to her beloved, the house of her dreams and the way she wants to spend her life there. Imagine a house with soft velvety walls, brightly lit, with no dark corners, flowery doors with sandalwood fragrance filling the air, yellow leaves scattered in the courtyard, on which we can walk together. (love the innocence here of just walking on dry leaves to listen to the crunching noise, been a while since I did that :)). The cuckoo birds and the mynaah (symbolizing friends) will reassure me that they are my friends, and then there will be neighbors looking at us from a distance (ducks) who will be happy for us too, and there will be the elders (herons, large birds) trying to wake us up, but we will pretend that this world around us does not exist, we will be so lost in each other, weaving our dreams together, that we will forget that there is way to this outside world from our house too. And these wonderful dreams that we weave together through the night, will make our mornings (or future) bright.

Aaoge thak kar jo haan saathi mere, zu zu zu …kaandhe mein lungi tika saathi mere, 

Bologe tum jo bi haan saathi mere,Moti sa lungi utha saathi mere,

Palkon ki koron pe aaye jo aansoon, main kyun darungi bata saathi mere,

When you come back (home) tired, I will rest (my head) on your shoulder 

Everything that you tell me, I will save it (pick it up) like a pearl 

And when tears start flowing from the corners of my eyelashes, I will still not be scared (tell me why will I be scared if at all) 

Ungli tumhhari to pehle se hogi, gaalon pe mere to haan saathi mere,

Tum hass padoge to main hass padungi, tum ro padoge to main ro padungi,

Lekin meri baat ik yaad rakhnaa, mujhko hamesha hi haan saath rakhna,

By then your fingers will already be on my cheeks (wiping the tears off) 

You will laugh and I will laugh with you, when you cry I will cry with you

But just remember this one thing, please keep me with you always 

judti jahan yeh zameen aasmaaan se, hadd haan humari shuru ho wahan se,

Taaron ko chhoolein zara saa sambhal ke, uss chaand pe jhatt se jaye phisal ke,

Beh jaaye dono hawa se nikalke,suraj bhi dekhe humein aur jal ke,

Where the earth meets the sky, that is where we will set our limits, 

We will go touch the stars gently and cautiously, and then we will slip suddenly on the moon 

We will flow away from the air around us, and the sun will look at us as it burns (in jealousy) 

Hoga nahi hum pe maaloom saathi, teeno jahan ka asar,

Raahon ko rahe batayenge saathi hum, aisa haan hoga safar…

But you know what, there will be no effect of the three worlds on us

We will show way to the roads, such will be our journey.

Interpretation : In this second stanza, the girl expresses her love for her beloved and how much she values his companionship. That when he comes home tired, she will listen to everything he says, and sometimes she might be in tears, but she knows that even before the tears leave her eyes, her beloved will already have his fingers on her cheeks to wipe them off, that with him around, she has nothing to be scared of, and she knows she will get everything even before she asks for it. The only thing she wants is to be by his side always. In this dreamy world of hers, there will be no restrictions on them and no limits (I like how he uses the horizon to describe infinity or a boundlessness), She knows that together they can reach for the stars, slide on the moon and ride the winds, and make the burning sun all the more jealous. (again the childlike innocence). But nothing will change them or change the love that they share, and together they will show the world how to live,how to enjoy this beautiful journey of life with love and togetherness. 

Isn’t that a wonderful journey together, the one you would want to live with your loved one. Again this is my take on the song — a dream woven by two people deeply in love, a dream of a rosy world, where everything is pretty and filled with love far away from this world full of chaos and confusion.  The song could also be comforting words to a loved one or a lullaby (with all the zu zu zu ….s 🙂 ).

Just sit in a silent room, close your eyes and listen to the song. That’s what I did and whatever I felt or experienced I typed it out here. It took me back to one of those times, when I could sleep all I want, listen to every word spoken to me with awe, when everything that happened was magic, when I would extend my arm outside the window towards the sky, and feel like I actually touched the stars, when everyone around me was a friend (because I did not know what enemy meant), when I was convinced that fairies exist. I think that was the last time I would have dreamed of a house or a life like the one described in this song. May be its time to start dreaming again……

What do you see when you close your eyes and listen to the song? A loved one? A cherished dream? A dreamland? A long lost friend?

Oh and listening to this song reminded me of two other amazing songs: Ye tera ghar ye mera ghar  and Dekho maine dekha hai ye ek sapna. 


(Thanks yash for introducing this song to me)

Kitni girhein baqi hain (Lyrics and Meaning)


Kitni girhein kholi hain maine, kitni girhein ab baaki hai 

paanv mein payal, baahon mein kangan, gale mein hansli, kamar band, challe aur bichue 

naak kaan chidwaayein gaye hain, aur zevar zevar kehte kehte

reet rivaaj ke rassiyon se main jakdi gayi ,uff kitni tarah main pakdi gayi 

How many knots have I untied, how many still remain? 

Anklets for the feet, bangles for the arms, necklace around the neck, waistband, rings and toe rings, 

My nose and ear were pierced, and with each ornament, 

I found myself  all the more restrained with ropes of customs and mannerisms, oh the ways in which I have been chained (literally caught)   

ab chilne lage hain haath paanv, aur kitni kharaashein ubhri hain, 

kitni girhein kholi hain maine, kitni rassiyaan utari hain 

Ang ang mera roop rang, mere naksh nain, mere bol bain 

meri aawaaz mein koyal ki tareef hui, mere zulf saanp, meri zulf raat, 

zulfon mein ghata mere lab gulaab, meri aankhein sharaab 

ghazal aur nazmein kehte kehte husn aur ishq ke afasano mein main jakdi gayi

uff kitni tarah main pakdi gayi 

Now my hands and feet have begun to develop scratches, and so many bruises have surfaced 

Since I started untying the knots, and  freed myself of so many ropes 

Every part of my body, my facial features, my talks and mannerisms, 

My voice was admired by comparing it to that of the cuckoo bird, to some my hair is like a serpent, 

to some its like the night, to others my hair is like the clouds, my lips like the rose, my eyes (as intoxicating) as alcohol, I

And in this way I have been caged in different songs and poetry of beauty and love, oh the ways in which I have been chained. 

main poochun zara, aankhon mein sharaab dikhe sabko, akaash nahi dekha koi 

saawan bhado to dikhe magar, kya dard nahi dekha koi 

phan ki jheeni si chaadar mein, buth cheele gaye uriyaani ke 

taaga taaga karke poshaaq utaari gayi 

mere jism pe phan ki mashq hui, aur art kala kehte kehte sange marmar mein jakdi gayi 

batlaaye koi batlaaye koi, kitni girhein kholi hain maine, kitni girhein ab baaki hain 

I would like to ask those who saw my eyes, they found them intoxicating like alcohol, but didn’t they see the sky in them (referring to her dreams) 

They see monsoon clouds in my eyes, didn’t they see the pain (the pain that comes from being tied down or restricted) 

In the name of this lightly woven cloth called art, bare (naked) statues were carved out

thread by thread I was unclothed, 

On my body art was practiced (referring to the numerous works of art based on females be it poetry, statues paintings songs etc.), and in the name of art, I was imprisoned in marble

Can someone please tell me, how many knots did I untie, how many still remain? 

There are a lot of versions of this poem, but I like the one narrated by rekha – Kitni girhein kholi hai maine. I am amazed at how this is written by a man (gulzar sahab) and still captures very delicately and precisely the feelings of women. Women have been the symbols of beauty, grace for as long as civilization’s existence. You will rarely find anyone tell the little girls to be bold or brave or to fight it out, they are always the delicate darlings who must dress pretty, maintain grace, speak softly, walk gently, look beautiful. Delicateness has so long been associated with women, that a girl who behaves otherwise is referred to as “a tomBOY” and a boy who cries has to listen to things like : “now, stop crying like a GIRL.”

In the country that I come from, married women have to wear golden and black beads around their neck as a symbol of marriage. Why only women, why shouldn’t the men wear something similar?  Women are often asked to dress properly with almost a no skin show rule even in the hot summers, and they have to attend parties where paintings and sculptures of scantily clad or naked women sell for huge amounts of money. Hypocrites!

There are so many prose and poems that describe the beauty of a woman, but most of them are only skin-deep. I would also have grown up with the same idea that I have to look beautiful, pretty, and behave in a so-called ladylike manner at all times as a rule, but I am glad the people in my life made me realize there is more to me than the jewelry I wear or the way I look, that its okay to go crazy at times, act wild, not care about who is watching, breathe in fresh air, smell freedom, freedom from unnecessarily rules that tie and restrain so many women around the world. Here’s hoping that you can find your freedom, find someone in your life who can see beyond the mascara in your eyes, see the dreams you have and help you achieve them, who can listen to your voice midst the clank of your bangles and who can let you be who you are.

I also realized that even though this poem talks about the agony of women, I am sure there are boys who have to put up a fake act of being rough and tough everyday of their life because that is what the society demands of them. Here’s hoping that you can find someone too who lets you be your gentle self, who lets you cry your heart out when you have to, who can let you be who you are. As humans we should all be allowed to cry, laugh, dream and live the way we want to, we only need the courage to defy the society and its norms! It’s not easy but it’s not impossible 🙂

PS : Yes the jewelry in the picture is all mine and I wear it when I feel like wearing it, not because I have to but because I want to 😀