Kuch der tak – Hariharan (Lyrics and translation)

I think some one took the KISS principle very seriously – Keep It Short and Simple 🙂

This song is just that – short and simple (and one  of my favorites from Hariharan)

Kuch der tak, kuch dur tak to saath chalo 

Maana zindagi hai tanha safar, iltijaa yahi hai jaan-e-jigar 

For some while, for some distance, walk with me 

I know life is a lonely journey, but I request you oh beloved.

Mujhko fikar hai aghaaz ki, dekho na sapna anjaam ka 

Sadiyon ke betaabiyaan kahtm ho, ek pal mile jo araam ka

I am scared of the start, don’t dream about the end (yet) 

Years of restlessness will end, once I have this one moment of peace

Rehta nahi sang koi sada, jaan-e-wafa hai ye mujhko pata

Do chaar lamha tum raho rubaroo, dil tumse kehna yahi chahta 

No one can stay with me forever, and I know that oh beloved

Just stay in front of me for a few moments, that is all my heart wants to say. 

In a very simple way, the poet beautifully captures the transient nature of relationships (and life in general), the uncertainty that comes with loving someone and how love is all about requests not orders, contentment not expectations (Do chaar lamha tum raho rubaroo, dil tumse kehna yahi chahta ), present moments not future promises (“Mujhko fikar hai aghaaz ki, dekho na sapna anjaam ka “)

I always wondered what is it about this song that I cannot stop listening to it, I am still not sure, but I don’t care anymore. I just love it, and may be finding reasons to love is an insult to “love” itself. (though more often than not, my logical self takes over, and for most things I end up trying to justify my liking (or for that matter my disliking)).

Anyway, here is a youtube link to the song : Kuch der tak (Enjoy!)




I was sorting my pictures folder when I chanced upon this picture of a girl looking out of a cable car window in San Francisco on a rather dull summer afternoon. It reminded of me of this line from the book that I am reading.
“I suspect the truth is that we are waiting, all of us, against insurmountable odds, for something extraordinary to happen to us.” ― Khaled Hosseini, And the Mountains Echoed
(Photo clicked on a cable car, San Francisco, CA)

Rooh mein (Club 60) – Lyrics and meaning

Here is the link to this new song from Club 60 called “Rooh mein..” (it is the second song) . Is it just me or does this singer’s voice and style of singing  actually remind you of Jagjit Singh jee too. Miss you Jagjit jee and look forward to more songs from Raju singh!

Rooh mein faasle nahi hote, kaash hum tum mile nahi hote 

There would be no distances between the souls, if we had not met

Ek saaya na saath jo deta, do kadam bhi chale nahi hote

Had my shadow not been with me, I would not have been able to take (walk) even two steps

Zor-o-zabr se na haasil kar, dil to shaahi qile nahi hote 

(It) cannot be conquered by force, the heart is not a royal palace

Yun achaanak mile kahin hum tum, roz to zalzale nahi hote 

Someday all of a sudden we may meet each other, Earthquakes do not happen everyday

Parting from loved ones is always painful, separated by death, distance, or emotions, the soul is always torn to pieces. It takes a lifetime and sometimes even that is not enough, to stitch those pieces together. Because when you have loved and lost, things are never the same. People, friends, relatives stay for a while, say a few comforting words and leave, but the loneliness, the emptiness that comes with the loss lasts forever.

This song describes this emptiness in the life of parents coping with the loss of their child. It starts with the  grief that comes with such a loss, that the soul would not have been torn into pieces like this, had they never had the child, that they were so lonely that it was only their shadow that kept them company as they lived on, that they forced themselves to move on, but matters of the heart are not like a kingdom that can be conquered by force. The last line is somewhat hopeful that just like an earthquake that is a very rare and sudden but it still happens, they hope that someday all of a sudden they may meet their lost child again.

I never want to know how it feels to lose a child, but my prayers and wishes are with everyone who has suffered such a loss. Hope you find the strength to move on and start afresh.