The frosty globe is fleeting.

I might not be able to give myself a reason to love temperatures so low, but after reading this piece, I definitely have a good reason not to hate them. Thanks for the sharing some of the positive impacts of the whole “polar vortex” phenomena 🙂

Confined light, liberated words

Happy Thursday everyone,

I had considered spending some time in this post to address the few yet loud-mouthed remarks about how the current extreme southward flow of the jet stream, called a “polar vortex” by many, is direct proof of climate change being false, made-up and a general waste of time and money.

Those of you reading this are smart enough to go beyond such desperate statements, right? I won’t give climate deniers the luxury of having me address their ignorance and arrogance – they will take any short-term event or unrelated situation to further their largely blank and scattered agenda. They will continue as they were regardless of widespread and virtually unanimous agreement on long-term and accelerating climate change. While they wait for chemical warfare or perhaps geo-engineering to further their economic and one-sided (and one-species) interests, the rest of us continue to work hard finding local and scalable…

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