Dear stranger Friend

Stranger and Friend do they even go together you would ask, oh yes they do. You are a stranger because I do not know you well enough. Friend because I can talk to you without any inhibitions, without worrying about being judged, trusting you with things I have not even shared with myself.
 Its kind of nice how both of us often come to the same point from different directions, one not wanting to listen, the other not wanting to talk or both wanting to talk but willing to bid each other good-bye, isn’t that what bonds two people? But will this happen always, I cannot promise. There may be times I will have things to say, and you may not want to listen. I fear those times. I will stop, of course I will, because that is something I am good at, understanding what you say…and then there may be times you will let me talk even when you are not listening. It is those times I fear more. I hope that never happens. I hope I can pack all these disagreeable moments into a box and bury them someplace and shred the map into pieces, so that you can never find them and neither can I. Without the map I may not find my way back to you, but I will rest assured that the moments of silence we shared were mutual, and that kind of silence is beautiful isn’t it?
I don’t know what to call you though. A friend, may be not, there are too many commitments that come with that name. I would not mind the commitments but I have often felt you would choose otherwise. A stranger, may be not, you already know way too much about me than so many people around me.
Well is it absolutely necessary to find a name though? May be not.
For now I will just let this be the way it is.
For now all I want to say is “thank you” and I mean it.
Few people understand what a heartfelt “thank you” means. I hope you will.

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