In search of a wonderland


She was looking for her wonderland. They said there is a wonderland somewhere in the forest. It was a long walk to the forest. She started early, but it was almost noon by the time she reached. The sun was almost overhead, sun rays trying to find their way through the labyrinth of leaves and branches to meet the dandelions that covered the forest floor, rays travelling from that one sun above to the several below.  

And that is where she found him, a cup of tea and a book in hand. And that is where she found herself, a pink diary and a half chewed pencil. They wandered around for a while, he, trying to find a place where he could sit back, relax and read his book, she trying to find a place to unwind, rest her tired legs, take a break from her search for the wonderland.

They ended up  choosing the same spot in the forest, right beneath that tree whose shade was bright enough to read a book and dim enough for a nap in the afternoon sun. She rolled her stole into a little pillow, put her diary and pencil away, and lay down closing her eyes trying to sleep. He sat down, finished his tea and started reading his book aloud.  She was not complaining, if anything she was surprised, how does he know, that I like the soft murmur of people talking as I fall asleep, she thought.
And so he read his book to her, a book he had written. It sounded so familiar, she woke up with a startle thinking for a moment, he was reading her diary to her, she checked for her diary, it was right where she had left it. So it was his book, his book and her story. She went to sleep not worrying about her diary anymore. It was all the same. 🙂
She fell asleep and he kept reading. One beautiful line after another. “I’ve never seen a dove sleep, but I wonder if this is how it looks?”, he thought
“I have never heard angels sing a lullaby, but I wonder if this is how it sounds?”, she thought
She had not slept such a sound sleep in ages. Was it the endless sleepless nights or was it the voice reading her a book, and the chirping of birds in the background or may be she had found her wonderland. 


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