Nenani neevani (Kotha banagaru lokam) – Lyrics and Translation

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5 thoughts on “Nenani neevani (Kotha banagaru lokam) – Lyrics and Translation

  1. You have such an amazing content on your website……….and I love almost all the songs that are there on your list…….today I was searching for the lyrics of nindiya re to cover it and happened to see a ‘lyrics and translation’ result on google, clicking on which landed me on this wonderful page of yours that has great and evergreen content…….hope you are still very much active on this page……please keep posting on the page…….I have followed it and would regularly be checking it fo new and amazing content……..also read a few poems and really liked the one by one of the anonymous writers which says either you are the hunter or the one to be hunted, and in either case you have to run………..just to add to it I believe we as humans have the choice to choose neither and instead live in harmony by being just ‘human’, because unlike animals, we have been bestowed upon with the lovely gift of an amazingly powerful brain and hence, we do not have to rely on the physical strength/dominance to survive.

    • Thanks Sarthak for dropping by and taking the time to share your thoughts. I really appreciate it. I have been busy these past few months with moving to a new place and finding a new job but hopefully will get back to writing soon. The blog is dear to me and so is every post that I have posted on it. As for the hunter or the hunted, few years ago, i would have probably agreed to the whole being ‘just human’ philosophy, but I now think eventually there comes a time when one has to make a choice, because “live and let live” is not a state of stable equilibrium and at some point or another ambition or a lack there of will force one to make the choice between being the hunter or being hunted. 🙂 …and from where I see it, it is this amazingly powerful brain that makes humans deadlier than animals 🙂 – I wonder why else would we need borders? or walls? and locks? but that said, everyone is entitled to an opinion, and as long as we are just sharing it and not imposing it, we can still be very much human.

      • I whole heartedly agee with you Krithya that none should impose their opinions on the other…..and indeed the sad reality is that we are living in a world that has been divided by borders, religion, colour, caste, creed, money and what not, but still there’s something that keeps us going, which is hope of a better world tomorrow……the positiveness in this hope is what can help us to be just humans first, before having any thoughts of being in the hunter’s or the hunted’s clan. If I were to infer from my general observation, a hunter’s way to glory is through imposing her/his opinions on the others while the hunted’s only way of survival is to take these opinions being imposed on her/him as laws and strictly comply with them; and I ‘m sure none of us agrees with the idea of imposing thoughts on others:)

        “Just as Life is all about finding the perfection in all the imperfections, we should strive to see the positivity in all the negativity.”

        I am just fond of writing statements as quotes someimes, so please do not in any way think that through the preceding statement I was trying to impose anything………haha

        I hope that very soon you’ll be accustomed to the new workplace and be back on the blog. All the very best with your new job. Hope you’d do great. Take care:)

        By the way, I was just looking for the meaning of the song ‘Husna’ by Piyush Mishra and again I found the result in your blog. Thanks for the amazing collection:)

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