Ek shayar se rishta (A relationship with a poet) – by Gulzar sahab)

Kuch kuch uski baaton se ab sehmat hoon main 

Uska kehna theek hai shayad, shayar na hote tum to kitne jhoote aadmi hote 

Saamne aate hi poocha tha, “naye naye kurte pe kahan se rang laga ke aaye ho

O tab dekha to khayal aaya, saahil pe gaya tha sunset dekh raha tha wahan, wahi laga aaye

“kya hai! gira kya aankh mein,  aise masal rahe ho?”

chat pe tha main, bijli chamki to ek rezah roshni ka daayin aankh ke andar ud ke chala gaya hai 

Pagalpan lagta hai usko, der talak kal dekha falak to aankhein neeli padne lagi hain

uska rang utar aaya hai ,aasmaan ka rang kachcha hai 

“Ungli par kuch hua hai kya”

Haan raat ko taare ginte ginte ungli jal gayi, chaala pad gaya

– Gulzar

Its about a poet who thinks he now agrees with his beloved, when she said if he were not a poet he would have been such a liar.

That day right when I stepped in front of her she asked ” Where did you get that color on your new shirt”

And I looked at it and then it occurred to me,I told her, “I went to shore to see the sun set, it left some of its color on me”

And then she had asked , “Why are you rubbing your eye, is there something in your eye”

And I told her, “I was at the terrace, and when lightning struck, a small piece of light flew right into my eye”

She thought it was crazy when I told her that I have been staring at the sky for a long time, that is why my eyes are blue

Some of the color seeped into my eyes, you know the color of the sky is very flimsy (it keeps falling off :))

And then when she had asked,  “did something happen to my finger”

I told her, “Yes last night while I was counting the stars I burned my finger, its sore from the burn”


Such simplicity and such beauty 🙂


2 thoughts on “Ek shayar se rishta (A relationship with a poet) – by Gulzar sahab)

  1. I can actually hear his voice when I read the poem. I am so happy that he got the Dadasaheb Phalke award….not that the award elevates his art, but as a fan, it elated me nonetheless.

    • I am glad you said that “hear his voice”. I am glad there are more like me who can hear voices as they read words 🙂
      I sent this piece to a couple of my friends, but they missed the magic completely 🙂
      Thanks for dropping by
      Hi five from one fan to another 🙂

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