An Inuksuk


Long before the age of GPS, hoardings, signboards, smart phones, travelling groups used creative ways to communicate and help each other. This is just one such wonderful example. It is a structure called inuksuk used to mark hunting/fishing/grazing grounds by Inuit people who inhabited the cold arctic regions of North America.
As the author of “Inuksuit: Silent Messengers of the Northern Arctic” , Norman Hallendy puts it –
“The inuksuk…is a metaphor. It reminds [the elders] of the time when people were attached to the land by an unbroken thread of reference, when they created great dancing circles, built fish weirs, placed huge inuksuit on hilltops, made traps to catch the most cunning animals, and communicated by rearranging or shaping fragments of the landscape.”

Sometimes I am just awestruck by the sheer intelligence of a human mind and the wonders it can do. 🙂
Cheers to this awesome place we call “Home”, planet Earth, and cheers to all its inhabitants who make it such an awesome place to live in.
Happy Earth Day 🙂


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