Weekly photo challenge : On Top

Weekly photo challenge : On Top

As a kid I was always curious as to what lies beyond those clouds that float around in the clear blue sky. Is there someone who controls their shapes, decides what clouds go where, a bird for her, a fish for him.
It was such a disappointment to see there was no one on top, it was all in my head, it was all an imagination.

Sometimes I feel science and reason suck all the magic out of my life, but then there are other times when they introduce some magic into my life too. I should not complain much.
(Photo clicked while flying over Chennai, India) – Does that even matter.

Doesn’t matter right now. There is still some time before we draw those ugly lines we call borders and divide the sky into bits and pieces. I fear the day when that happens, because from that day no kid will look up at the sky and feel the same again, about the rabbit, bird, boat, or fish that the clouds paint on that blue canvas. Instead all they will see in the sky above them  is a city, a state, a country just the way we view the land beneath us.


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