A little after noon on a spring afternoon :)

A little after noon on a spring afternoon :)

A hazy sun sneaking out through the frayed boundaries of slow-moving clouds, a humid breeze carrying a hint of rains and a tint of freedom picked up from some distant farms and nearby woods, but now caught between the high-rise buildings of a small university town, caught or is it tired? Probably tired, seems like its going to spend some time here, it sounds relaxed, humming a tune of some forgotten song, gently plucking the strings, the branches of that cherry blossom tree right next to the bus stop. New leaves, buds, flowers, all swaying to the tune. Some petals take it a step further, moving along squiggly lines, dancing, they gently land on the sidewalk for a brief moment. A car passes, then another, lifting the petals, lifting their spirits, as they dance tirelessly, happily only to fall back again. Gravity. There is a reason gravity and solemnity are synonyms, happy is just not their thing. I sit there waiting for the bus, and not wanting it to arrive. I sit there soaked in white petals and a content smile. Suddenly a little petal gets stuck in my locks, come join us it says, I start to move, a step, then another, careful not to step onto the little dancers resting on the concrete below. Ballet or is it tango I am curious, I ask, who cares it says, no one’s watching, it’s just us, do your thing. My right hand reaches for the tree trunk, I look up in awe, countless flowers watching and cheering for me, I make a swift turn, all set for the second one, but uh oh! there it is, the bus, its arriving, not so soon I think, but I know it will. Life. Sigh! I stop, pick up a petal, stick it into my diary on a random page. I will find it on a cold dull winter day and be reminded of the blossoms, the dance, the warmth and the cheer of spring 🙂


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