A frustrated non-smoker

To the guy who lives downstairs 😦

All through Fall, I could never keep my window open, because you had to keep yours open when you smoked in your room. I did not complain.

All winter you smoked inside the house with all doors and windows closed (a safety hazard of course) and my restroom and kitchen smelled of cigarette, thanks to the heating vent that we share. But you had no choice, so I did not complain.

And now all spring, you plan to smoke in the patio, now I can’t  keep my door open. Sigh!

Can’t you walk a few steps away from the apartment to burn a cigarette, parking lot? side-walk?  Its spring, you can do that can’t you?  Probably smokers should be given the top floor of the apartment, may solve some problems.

You know what I feel right now, that I should lock you in a room with no ventilation and have you smoke a cigarette every twenty minutes for like a whole day, You inhale what you smoke for one whole day or more,  sleep in the smoke, wake up in the smoke, because you love it so much, just do that, why not?

Does cigarette smoke irritate you? What do you do to keep it away?




5 thoughts on “A frustrated non-smoker

  1. i am not a chain smoker……
    i only smoke when am tensed……..
    because sometimes reason of smoking is far worst the cigaret . 😛 😀

    • Tum itna jo muskura rahe ho…kya gham hai jisko chipa rahe ho?
      Ban jayenge zeher peete peete…..ye cigar jo phoonke jaa rahe ho 😉

      We all have those moments don’t we 🙂 and every one has a different coping mechanism, some write, some smoke, some drink, some dance, some run, some sleep….whatever works for you.

    • That was the last thing I had expected, a smoker commenting on this blog post 🙂
      But yea I have had friends who smoke, I am okay as long as people do not smoke around me, I just have a super sensitive nose and not much i can do about it 🙂

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