Weekly photo challenge : Split-Second Story


A victorious smile on her face, she had just smashed a snowball on his head. The vengeance in his eyes as he took a final aim, before busting one, on her head.

For a split second he paused, I clicked 🙂




9 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge : Split-Second Story

  1. i had mention your name not the link…. but from next i will surely gona put your link also…..
    Sorry for past. 🙂

  2. Actually !
    i was searching the lyrics of one song sung by pyush mishra ” Husna” and google suggested me your blog and there i am.. since than i started reading it… all the poetry, article and thoughts are amazing even i shared some of your posts on facebook too.
    Keep it Up…… May my Good God give you more knowledge and thoughts which will take you higher places.

    • Well thanks to google then 🙂
      I am glad you like the other posts too, which ones did you like so much so as to share on facebook?
      I do not mind people sharing my posts as long as they at least provide a link to the original write up instead of calling it their own (trust me I have had several of those, where I came across my writings posted elsewhere 😦 )
      More than credit, I feel like I miss out on the thoughts and comments of the readers. 🙂
      Thank you for your appreciation though.

      • @krithya G … here is the link of the posts of yours, i had shared on facebook as a note.
        you can check i had mention your name also…. no cheating yours is yours . 🙂 😀

        when you will open the link you will see your notes
        i guess one is ” I see the Moon and moon sees me”
        other is ” kisi ki khusi mai hash diye, kisi ke gham me roo liye.”

        If any issues let me know…… 🙂

        • Hey thanks for the link, but for some reason I cannot open it, probably because i do not have a facebook account 😦
          Anyway, that poem, I see the moon is not mine, its by Sarah Kay.

    • Continued to smile ? Even better, they were both lying flat on the ground making snow angels, giggling, fun people!
      Thanks for dropping by Lynda 🙂

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