Jewellery : Earrings using jump rings

A friend of mine gave me some of her left over supplies from a chain maille class saying, there were not enough of any one kind for her projects (her projects are generally elaborate, bracelets, necklaces and stuff!). I decided to use them for my relatively simpler projects : earrings. They turned out okay I think! At least I was happy I put them to use.

DSC02262 DSC02274





दिन तो कट जाता है, लम्हे मगर गुज़रते नहीं

किताबें मुकम्मल हो जाती हैं, जुमले मगर संभलते नहीं

मंज़िलें हासिल हो जाती हैं, ख्वाहिशें मगर बहलती नहीं

शमा धुआँ हो  जाती है, शामें मगर ढलती नहीं

यादों को पनाह देने की, उम्मीदें मेहफूज़ रखने की

सज़ा तो मिलनी ही थी.


Weekly Photo Challenge : Relic


Portraits of my Great Grand parents in oil (probably a 100 years old.)


What remains of their belongings. (The flowers are fresh, we put them there on our visit).


No they aren’t from the excavation site at Mohenjo-daro (though I would love to visit that archaeological site sometime). I clicked these pictures on my visit to the house where my great grand parents lived. (A small village Madugula, Andhra Pradesh, India).  I wish I had a better camera in hand, with a 3 Megapixel mobile camera, that was the best I could do.

History the way it is taught in school never interested me. It was all about memorizing dates, about great leaders, wars, architecture etc. The moment I walked into this age-old house, where my grandma spent her childhood, and my mom spent most of her summer vacations, I realized this is what history is all about, a personal history and everybody has one. History books are just personal histories gone public. Personal histories may not be as fancy or as impressive or as revolutionary as the ones from my history book, but it is nevertheless interesting and opens doors to the unknown. All this was fascinating, to know that there was a time when members of my family used clay hearths and coal to prepare their meals, used a stone mortar and pestle to grind rice, beans, henna. No wonder they did not need gyms to keep themselves healthy, nor did they need a television set to keep themselves busy.

My mom walked through the house with ease, “watch your step at the kitchen door”, “the stairs to the terrace are steep, be careful!”, “this is where we had a henna shrub”, “that was the best spot to fly kites”, “the morning sun always knocked at this window”, “this is where we gathered for an evening snack”, that is where we counted stars”, “there was a guava tree here, parrots perched on it all the time”, “this is where we would hide when we did not want the elders to find us”, she went on and on.

My sister and I were so happy we made that trip. We saw our mom relive a beautiful part of her childhood. We saw a twinkle in her eyes as she went from one room to another, sharing anecdotes, walking down the memory lane. That day she shared with us a part of her life which we had never known. It was like all these years of growing up, growing old, making ends meet, raising a family, stressful jobs had robbed her personality of  her mischievous side, her playful side. It felt good to think that my mom was once that kid, running around with her cousins,  eating guavas, flying kites, catching butterflies. I know its hard to undo what age and time has molded her into, but I wanted to see that twinkle in her tired eyes, the mirth and happy-go-lucky smile on her wrinkled face more often. So I clicked these pictures, and I show them to her and let her talk about her summer adventures, vacations, holidays all over again. Repetitive yes, but it makes her smile, and makes us smile every time, and that is what matters. 

Relics, that is the effect they have on you, as long as you manage to preserve the right ones.

Naam likh kar (Humnasheen) – Lyrics and Meaning

Naam likh kar wo mera reith pe mita dega
Yaad aa jaane ki wo mujhko yun sazaa dega

Humne boyi nahi is saal dushmani ki fasal,
Shayad is baar koi dost hi daga dega.

Kuch is tarah se hai shaamil meri mitti mein hasi
Chooke dekho mera har zakhm muskuraa dega.

He will write my name on sand and wipe it off,
that is how he will punish me for coming into his memories.

I did not plant the crops of enmity this year
Probably this time a friend will betray me.

That is how happiness is present in me (literally my soil)
Touch and see, all my wounds will start smiling.

Another one from the same album Humnasheen. Here’s the link : Naam likh kar

Kuch rishtey (Humnasheen) – Lyrics and Meaning

Kuch rishtey ta-umr agar benaam rahein to achcha hai
Aankhon aankhon mein hi kuch paighaam rahein to achcha hai

Suna hai manzil milte hi uski chaahat mar jaati hai
Gar ye sach hai to fir hum naakaam rahein to achcha hai

Jab mera humdum mere dil ko naa pehchaan saka
Phir aisi duniya mein hum gumnaam rahein to achcha hai

It is better if some relationships remain nameless for a lifetime, It is better that some messages remain confined to the eyes.

(I have) heard that the desire to achieve a goal dies once it’s achieved, if that is true then its better I remain unsuccessful in achieving it.

When my beloved could not understand my heart, then it is better I go unnoticed in such a world.

Simple. Unnamed relationships, unspoken words, that “what now?” feeling once you arrive at a destination – they are not strangers to anyone who has lived long enough.

Every line in the ghazal unfolds like puffs of air from an autumn morning, clean and crisp, like there is nothing to hide, enjoy and move on. The lines I think are well written ( by Manoj Muntashir), the music and the ghazal overall probably missed the point. I like Shreya Ghoshal’s voice, but somehow I feel it lacks the depth needed for ghazals / songs like this one. Nevertheless, link to the song in case you want to give it a try or if you think otherwise 🙂 : Kuch rishtey




My first ever hike :)


Metacomet-Monadnock trail to Mount Holyoke
Walks I love, hikes were never my thing. Anything that sounds remotely sporty never makes it to my list. I have no clue how I bought into the idea of going on a hike on a Saturday morning but I am actually glad I did.
The good idea : going on the hike, the bad idea : hitting the gym right before the hike.
With only a peanut butter sandwich and some watermelon and the gym trip, I never thought I would survive the two-mile hike. Yea right! Meet Ms. DelicateDarling. 🙂 Well there were five others – Mr. FitnFineIloveHikes , Mrs. FitnFineIloveMyself, Mr. IThinkIamCool, Mr. LevelHeadedLowProfile, Mr. HappyGoLucky.
Thirty feet into the trail, steep and rocky, I just hoped my alarm would go off and this would all be that one bad dream I wake up to early morning. A few more minutes and I bet people at the end of the trail could hear me breathe. I thought I found the perfect walking stick, but guess the trees ran out of their nutritional supplements. With a broken walking stick, almost out of breath, everyone I was hiking with out of sight, I thought tracing my steps back may be easier. But guess what, they did not lay out all the hiking rules in the beginning. Walking down definitely seemed shorter but more difficult than walking uphill. So I just decided to keep going.

Occasionally some of the others would wait for me, but that was too embarrassing. My camera came to the rescue like it always does. I pretended to make a few stops here and there to click pictures and said I would catch up. So I could finally move at my own sweet (spelled slow) pace. Phew. Thankfully the trail was well-marked, rocky at times, mostly steep but well maintained. I found a discarded snake-skin and pretty bright red berries, smelled some wild roses, befriended some mosquitoes and of course enjoyed some awesome views.

IMG_9439IMG_9466Made it to the top a little after the others, and the view made the hike totally worth it.
We took the road back and I got a few more shots of ferns and the forest.

IMG_9509IMG_9491Hikes are not so bad after all, I might go back for more.