My first ever hike :)


Metacomet-Monadnock trail to Mount Holyoke
Walks I love, hikes were never my thing. Anything that sounds remotely sporty never makes it to my list. I have no clue how I bought into the idea of going on a hike on a Saturday morning but I am actually glad I did.
The good idea : going on the hike, the bad idea : hitting the gym right before the hike.
With only a peanut butter sandwich and some watermelon and the gym trip, I never thought I would survive the two-mile hike. Yea right! Meet Ms. DelicateDarling. 🙂 Well there were five others – Mr. FitnFineIloveHikes , Mrs. FitnFineIloveMyself, Mr. IThinkIamCool, Mr. LevelHeadedLowProfile, Mr. HappyGoLucky.
Thirty feet into the trail, steep and rocky, I just hoped my alarm would go off and this would all be that one bad dream I wake up to early morning. A few more minutes and I bet people at the end of the trail could hear me breathe. I thought I found the perfect walking stick, but guess the trees ran out of their nutritional supplements. With a broken walking stick, almost out of breath, everyone I was hiking with out of sight, I thought tracing my steps back may be easier. But guess what, they did not lay out all the hiking rules in the beginning. Walking down definitely seemed shorter but more difficult than walking uphill. So I just decided to keep going.

Occasionally some of the others would wait for me, but that was too embarrassing. My camera came to the rescue like it always does. I pretended to make a few stops here and there to click pictures and said I would catch up. So I could finally move at my own sweet (spelled slow) pace. Phew. Thankfully the trail was well-marked, rocky at times, mostly steep but well maintained. I found a discarded snake-skin and pretty bright red berries, smelled some wild roses, befriended some mosquitoes and of course enjoyed some awesome views.

IMG_9439IMG_9466Made it to the top a little after the others, and the view made the hike totally worth it.
We took the road back and I got a few more shots of ferns and the forest.

IMG_9509IMG_9491Hikes are not so bad after all, I might go back for more.


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