Kuch rishtey (Humnasheen) – Lyrics and Meaning

Kuch rishtey ta-umr agar benaam rahein to achcha hai
Aankhon aankhon mein hi kuch paighaam rahein to achcha hai

Suna hai manzil milte hi uski chaahat mar jaati hai
Gar ye sach hai to fir hum naakaam rahein to achcha hai

Jab mera humdum mere dil ko naa pehchaan saka
Phir aisi duniya mein hum gumnaam rahein to achcha hai

It is better if some relationships remain nameless for a lifetime, It is better that some messages remain confined to the eyes.

(I have) heard that the desire to achieve a goal dies once it’s achieved, if that is true then its better I remain unsuccessful in achieving it.

When my beloved could not understand my heart, then it is better I go unnoticed in such a world.

Simple. Unnamed relationships, unspoken words, that “what now?” feeling once you arrive at a destination – they are not strangers to anyone who has lived long enough.

Every line in the ghazal unfolds like puffs of air from an autumn morning, clean and crisp, like there is nothing to hide, enjoy and move on. The lines I think are well written ( by Manoj Muntashir), the music and the ghazal overall probably missed the point. I like Shreya Ghoshal’s voice, but somehow I feel it lacks the depth needed for ghazals / songs like this one. Nevertheless, link to the song in case you want to give it a try or if you think otherwise 🙂 : Kuch rishtey





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