Naam likh kar (Humnasheen) – Lyrics and Meaning

Naam likh kar wo mera reith pe mita dega
Yaad aa jaane ki wo mujhko yun sazaa dega

Humne boyi nahi is saal dushmani ki fasal,
Shayad is baar koi dost hi daga dega.

Kuch is tarah se hai shaamil meri mitti mein hasi
Chooke dekho mera har zakhm muskuraa dega.

He will write my name on sand and wipe it off,
that is how he will punish me for coming into his memories.

I did not plant the crops of enmity this year
Probably this time a friend will betray me.

That is how happiness is present in me (literally my soil)
Touch and see, all my wounds will start smiling.

Another one from the same album Humnasheen. Here’s the link : Naam likh kar


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