Weekly photo challenge :Zigzag

Two zigzag lines in phase : a beautiful street, (Lombard Street, San Francisco, California)


Two zigzag lines out of phase : a beautiful pier ( 14th Street pier, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina



3 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge :Zigzag

  1. Both of these are great photos for this week’s challenge! But I must say I like the first one better – those are very steep narrow paths winding upwards. Seems like a place where well-off people live. Nevertheless, it’s a pretty sight 🙂

    • Thanks Mabel! The first one is a famous street in San Francisco, a popular tourist attraction. Yes its an expensive neighborhood, but it has its own issues too. A large number of tourists visit this street everyday. Imagine finding strangers driving or walking or posing for pictures in your front yard everyday! I would not be very comfortable with that.

      • Haha, strangers posing in your yard if you lived there. I would not like that one bit, that sounds very intrusive. They might even snap photos of you half-undressed…you never know. And with the high number of tourists coming to that area, you don’t know what kind of people come by… At least it looks peaceful 🙂

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