A misty mystified morning


Woke up to a misty morning, no I am not complaining. I love mornings like these, when its calm, the traffic slow, a charming silence, like its still night, just a little brighter. Fog like darkness enfolds everything it can lay its hands on, slowing down the beginning of the day, like allowing time to pour a cup of freshly prepared tea into that favorite cup and sip it, relish it, instead of indifferently gulping down that large coffee, bought hurriedly on the way to work.

I went for a walk, on roads mystified by the fog, and I watched the fog, that looked so calm from a distance, fighting for its life, losing one battle after another to the sun rays rushing from the horizon. Any time now, I knew  the road will clear up, the fog will disappear as silently as it appeared, into the warmth of the sun,  but until then I just chose to take one step at a time and let the scenery unfold, to reveal those trinkets and treasures that the fog was trying so hard to save – shining pearls (or just dew drops, depends on how you look at them.)  🙂

IMG_0851A spider web covered in dew








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