Twin Rainbow


An afternoon nap on Sundays is refreshing no doubt, and waking up to an evening like this is like a cherry on the pie. I was so excited to see a rainbow up close. A younger me would go running into the field to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Well! I just grabbed my camera and headed to a higher point for a better view. IMG_0753

Too bad the sun was dimmed by a thin layer of clouds by the time I found a good spot. The colors of the rainbow were already fading. IMG_0757

While I sat there enjoying the view, a second colored band caught my eye. It was a twin rainbow.  The second one faint but noticeable.

A twin rainbow is created when there are two different kinds of raindrops suspended in the air – small round drops and flat large ones,  each of which disperses light in different directions creating two different spectra! Interesting isn’t it? IMG_0758


One thought on “Twin Rainbow

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