Kachche rang utar jaane do (Sunset point) – Lyrics and meaning


This is one of the many songs that I like to hum on a rainy day like this. Youtube link to the song :  Kachche rang utar jaane do. (Nope, that is not the original video, but I doubt if the song actually has one)

Har roz jab suraj guroob hota, wo usi pul par khadi uska intezaar karti, lekin wo nahi aaya, ek baar fir zindagi ka haath uske haathon se chootne laga, sunset ke rang bhi kitne kachche hote hain

Every day as the sun went down, she would wait at that  bridge, but he did not come. Once again life was slipping from her hands, the colors of sunset are not permanent after all.

Kachche rang utar jaane do, mausam hai guzar jaane do

Let the raw (weak, light) colors fade away, they are like a season, let them pass

Seesham ke patton pe paani, boond boond bajta rehta hai

Baarish beet bhi jaaye to , der talak tapka rehta hai

Boondon se bhigo dena, baarishon ki aadat thi, baarishon ki aadat hai

Ye bauchaar guzar jaane do

The water drops keep beating on the leaves of sheesham long after it has rained.

It was the habit of rains to soak everything in water drops, it is still a habit

Let this shower pass

Udte hue sookhe tinko ka, jodna aur pirona kya

Andekh phoolon ka shaakhon pe, hona aur na hona kya

Rang badal lena, mausamon ki aadat thi, mausamon ki aadat hai

Shaakhein khaali kar jaane do

What difference would it make if we lost or collected some of those dried flying twigs

The flowers which no one sees, how does their existence matter

It was the nature of the seasons to change, it still is

Let the season clear the branches

The beauty of this song, I think, lies in the contrasts. The softness and innocence in Suchitra’s voice and the pleasant light musical notes used in the song differ strikingly from the melancholy in Gulzar’s voice and the heaviness of the lyrics and the narrative, and yet when they come together, the blend in perfectly.

A girl waits for her beloved who promised to meet her at sunset. She stands there at the meeting point every evening waiting for him to come, but he never shows up. This song describes few of the zillion things crossing her mind as she waits for him. Love the description of the rains, and how beautifully it compares with the feeling of sadness that accompanies broken promises. Just like water droplets from heavy rains, tears keep flowing long after the moment of sadness has passed, but that is how dismal feelings are and like the rains they will pass too. And like dried twigs in the fall and unnoticed flowers in spring are pointless, so are the promises that are not kept, and the people who you know will never come back. It is in their nature to change and move on. So there is no point clinging on to them, it is best to let them go. When the branches let go their leaves in autumn, only then can they have new ones in the spring, relationships are no different..


9 thoughts on “Kachche rang utar jaane do (Sunset point) – Lyrics and meaning

  1. Thx! Was looking for these lyrics. Not only I found translation but great interpretation of a great song. It was a magical album. Thank you for your efforts

    • Thank you for dropping by! Glad you found this post useful. This album is indeed magical, I hope to get around to posting the lyrics for the other songs soon. 🙂
      On another note, I am intrigued by your blog posts. All the best on your musical journey, I look forward to reading more of your interesting posts.

      • Aww thanks for your comment. I forgot about my blog. I did two more spaces since but did not document. I wish Someone could do it on my behalf and leave me to concentrating on music and recording!
        Please do Aasmani rang next!

  2. Wow, very aptly you have described the beauty and meaning of this beautiful song. And i love how well you have understood its meaning in context of relationships. Indeed, You have to let go off the past, so that the present and future can live, exist and flourish.

    • Thank you for your kind words.
      This is one of my favorite songs, but its been a while since I posted this one. Thanks to you I got to revisit it.
      Thanks for dropping by.

      • Dear Krithya i first heard this song in a tv series that used to come on Doordarshan. Unfortunately i don’t remember its name. A couple of years later Gulzar Sahab came up with Sunset point. Yesterday, out of the blue i remembered this song( i have this insane habbit of remembering old songs out of whim:)) and started humming. But, was forgetting a bit of lyrics in between, so googled it and landed on ur post. And i m glad i could read such good interpretation of this soulful song. By the way, its one of my favorite too. Keep writing:)

        • Thank you for sharing your experience. I am glad this blog was useful.
          I do that too : remember old songs out of the blue and start humming them.
          Thanks to the internet, its not as hard now, to actually listen to or figure out the lyrics of an old forgotten song, as it was, probably a decade ago, when you had to strain every cell in that tiny brain to get the even the smallest hint as to what the lyrics or the tune of that old song may be. 🙂
          I sometimes miss that, the process of trying to remember and the joy after finally recalling whatever it was, I hardly do that now. But hey! thanks to google, saves our time and energy, right and connects people with insane habits like you and me. 🙂

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