Weekly Photo Challenge : Silhouette


This is from a cold evening in March. My friend was leaving town. I went to see her off. We were standing in the parking lot, and I found this on the bonnet of her red car.  As if the labyrinth of branches were trying hard to hold on to the car, to keep it from moving, so she could spend another day with me. Only if silhouettes and shadows had that kind of power….


3 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Silhouette

  1. Very creative interpretation to this weeks’ challenge. Those leaves, although bare, look very strong and heavy. Hope they weren’t too hard to move 🙂 And very nice of you to see your friend off.

    • Reading your comments is always a delight!
      As for seeing my friend off, its a habit I picked up from my Mom – welcomes and farewells are equally special she often says!
      We live on the third floor and she always makes it a point to go down too see friends / guests off 🙂

      • I live on the third floor too – and I actually like being close to the ground so you can see who’s coming and going. Luckily it’s not that noisy close to the ground 🙂

        That is very nice of you and your mum. I am sure your friends always feel touched by your hospitality.

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