Ghul raha hai saara manzar – Breathless (Lyrics and Meaning)

This is one of the lesser known songs from Shankar Mahadevan’s well known album “Breathless”.  I could not find this song on youtube, but it is 5th song in this link : Best of Shankar Mahadevan

Ghul raha hai saara manzar, shaam dhundhli ho gayi

Chandni ki chaadar odhe har pahadi so gayi,

Everything (literally the whole scene)  is dissolving into a foggy evening

Every mountain sleeps wrapped in a sheet of moonlight

Waadiyon mein ped hain ab apni hi parchaaiyaan

Uth raha hai kohra jaise chandni ka ho dhuan

Chaand pighla to chattanein bhi mulayam ho gayi

Raat ki saansein jo mehki, aur mardham ho gayi

The trees in the valley now look like their own shadows

The mist seems to rise like (shining) smoke from the moonlight

As the moon thaws (or becomes brighter), the rocks also soften

And the fragrant breaths of the night start to faint

Narm hai jitni hawa, utni fiza khamosh hai

Tehniyon pe os peeke har kali behosh hai

Mod par karvat liye ab unghte hain raaste

Dur koi gaa raha hai jaane kiske vaaste

The air is as tender as the silence of the breeze

Buds on every branch intoxicated with dew 

The winding roads seem to be dozing off at the turns

As someone sings at a distance (for who knows who?)

Some songs are suited for certain ambience, and some come with an ambience of their own. I think this song belongs  to the latter group. Every time I listen to this song I find myself thinking of a beautiful misty dusk in some far-flung valley. I also find the lyrics of the song very impressive. It is relatively easy to express feelings and experiences through poetry and portray beautiful scenes through paintings, but  the lyricist Javed Akhtar jee, in this song uses poetry to paint a scene and does so very artfully. 🙂


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