Karoge yaad to – bazaar (Lyrics and Meaning)

Here is the link to the song : Karoge yaad to.  Its from the film Bazaar.

Karoge yaad to har baat yaad aayegi, Guzarte waqt ki har mauj teher jaayegi

If you try to remember, you will be reminded of everything, The waves of the passing time will come to a stop.

Barasta bheegta mausam dhuaan dhuaan hoga,

Pighalte shammon pe dil ka mere gumaan hoga

Hatheliyon ki hina yaad kuch dilaayegi

The rainy, wet season will end up in smoke,

my heart will take pride in the melting lamps (candles)

(or could also mean – You will doubt if they are melting candles or is it my heart (aching heart))

The henna in your hands will remind you of  us (literally remind you of something)

Gali ke mod pe suna sa koi darwaaza,

tarasti aankhon se rasta kisi ka dekhega

Nigaah dur talak jaake laut aayegi

The lonely door standing right where the alley turns,

It will wait with yearning eyes for someone to arrive

The eyes will go as far as they can see and return with no luck

I had a friend from college who had a collection of many songs from the 80s. We used to spend hours listening and admiring the songs from her collection. I hardly went back to that collection after college. Its been a while since I heard from her.  Its been a while since I heard any of the songs. This song on the radio today reminded me of her and the time we spent together. – “Karoge yaad to har baat yaad aayegi”

Besides the obviously good lyrics, I also like the candid picturization of the song. Love the effortlessness with which the two actors – Naseeruddin shah and Smita paatil brought the song to life. The emptiness in their eyes, the stillness in their expressions. One of those songs where the video enhances the beauty of an already brilliant composition.




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