Weekly Photo Challenge : Cover Art


A novel based on a true story about multiple personality disorder….


This one because I love changing seasons! The change is so gradual and still seems so sudden. Each season has something to offer, all we need to do is keep our eyes and minds open. Someday, I would love to compile all my pictures from different seasons into a photo book. 🙂


Blue Morpho Butterfly




Two striking features of this butterfly (1) One can never tell its brilliant blue from its closed wings (which is how it keeps them most of the time, probably as a protective mechanism to avoid predators. The big black dots on the closed wings make it seem like the eyes of a bigger animal/insect) (2) Its wings are actually transparent, Yea you heard it right, they are colorless, no pigments whatsoever. So how do they appear blue? Well refraction – thin prisms line the inner surface of its wings which refract the light that shines on them. Technology cannot produce such surfaces yet (at least the last time I checked), but if it could, we would have surfaces whose color never fades (they would appear the same whenever light shines on them, they would probably be too delicate though, like the wings of a butterfly :))



कभी कुछ लिखने की चाहत से दिल ने तुझे याद किया

कभी तेरी कुछ यादों ने कलम की हिमायत ली

मगर, ना सियाही क़ैद कर पायी कोई रंग गुज़रे लम्हों का

ना यादों की आड़ मेँ कोई नज़्म ही मुक़म्मल हुई

दिल और कलम की इस नादानी पे, लोग हसे और काग़ज़ भी

जज़्बातों का तमाशा बना, तारीफ़ हुई अल्फाज़ों की

– कृत्या

Haider (A wonderful adaptation of a beautiful classic)

One of the many thought provoking dialogues from the movie :

Shaq pe hai yaqeen to , yaqeen pe hai shaq mujhe

Kiska jhoot jhoot hai, kiske sach mein sach nahi

Hai ki hai nahi, bas yahi hi sawaal hai

Aur sawaal ka jawaab bhi sawaal hai

Dil ki gar sunu to hai, dimaag ki to hai nahi

Jaan loon ki jaan doon, main rahoon ki main nahi

If I am certain about my suspicion, I am also suspicious about the certainty

Whose lies are absolute lies, whose truth has no truth

Does it exist or does it not, that is the only question

And the answer to that is just another question

My heart says it exists, my mind says it does not

Should I take a life or should I take my life,

Should I continue to live or should I just die

These lines sum up Haider’s reflection on life, his confusion as he is faced with betrayal and the pain of losing a loved one and with trust and the joy of having a loved one in his arms. Is it better to kill someone and live a life full of pain and troubles or is it easier to just die and relieve oneself of all the miseries.

“To be or not to be, that is the question” – a line from Hamlet, and the dialogue above,  I guess is  the writer’s take on it. No I am not here to make a comparison, I don’t think I am that able, but I could not stop myself from commenting on the similarity (of course also since Haider is an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Hamlet)

Have you watched this movie? Does it remind you of mission kashmir (another gem of a movie, one of my all time favorites)? Anyone?