Haider (A wonderful adaptation of a beautiful classic)

One of the many thought provoking dialogues from the movie :

Shaq pe hai yaqeen to , yaqeen pe hai shaq mujhe

Kiska jhoot jhoot hai, kiske sach mein sach nahi

Hai ki hai nahi, bas yahi hi sawaal hai

Aur sawaal ka jawaab bhi sawaal hai

Dil ki gar sunu to hai, dimaag ki to hai nahi

Jaan loon ki jaan doon, main rahoon ki main nahi

If I am certain about my suspicion, I am also suspicious about the certainty

Whose lies are absolute lies, whose truth has no truth

Does it exist or does it not, that is the only question

And the answer to that is just another question

My heart says it exists, my mind says it does not

Should I take a life or should I take my life,

Should I continue to live or should I just die

These lines sum up Haider’s reflection on life, his confusion as he is faced with betrayal and the pain of losing a loved one and with trust and the joy of having a loved one in his arms. Is it better to kill someone and live a life full of pain and troubles or is it easier to just die and relieve oneself of all the miseries.

“To be or not to be, that is the question” – a line from Hamlet, and the dialogue above,  I guess is  the writer’s take on it. No I am not here to make a comparison, I don’t think I am that able, but I could not stop myself from commenting on the similarity (of course also since Haider is an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Hamlet)

Have you watched this movie? Does it remind you of mission kashmir (another gem of a movie, one of my all time favorites)? Anyone?


2 thoughts on “Haider (A wonderful adaptation of a beautiful classic)

  1. I loved the movie – things that stood out were the color palette of the entire movie – especially the pairing of white and red, the way Bismil is shot and choreographed – it’s one of the best shot/acted/choreographed songs of Hindi cinema, and Tabu – those eyes…damn those eyes!

    Haven’t seen Mission Kashmir, so can’t compare.

    • I love how you watch a movie or song and describe the little intricacies of the compositions, I liked the white and red too, and the Bismil song is indeed beautiful, very different choreography, sums up the story in the most innocent way possible, like the folk feel and Shahid Kapoor of course.
      Mission Kashmir is also a movie about a betrayed young kashmiri, a helpless mother, it touches similar emotions but is more about how innocent children take to violence and get involved in terrorist activities.

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