An ingenuous poem from the movie “Pappu Can’t Dance Saala”

This is a simple poem from the movie Pappu Can’t Dance Saala. I like Vinay Pathak and his choice of movies. His effortless acting and the simplicity and honesty that he adds to the characters he plays is a delight to watch. His narration of this poem is just one of many such delightful moments. ( Pappu (Vinay Pathak) in this movie is a small town guy from Banaras whose job takes him to Mumbai where he finds  it extremely difficult to adapt to the big city life)

कड़बक कड़बक कड़बक कड़बक

अगर कहीं मैं घोड़ा होता, वह भी लम्बा चौड़ा होता

तुम्हे पीठ पर बैठा करके, बहुत तेज़ मैं दौड़ा होता

पलक झपकते ही ले जाता दूर पहाड़ी की वादी में

बातें करता हुआ हवा से बियाबान सी आबादी में

सुबह नदी में नहा दिखाता तुमको कैसे सूरज उगता

तीतर कैसे दौड़ लगाता, कैसे पिंडुक दाना चुगता

बगुले कैसे ध्यान लगाते, मछली शांत डोलती कैसे

और टिहरी आसमान में चक्कर काट बोलती कैसे

कैसे आते हिरनो के झुण्ड, और नदी में पानी पीते

कैसे छोड़ दिशा पैर के जाते हैं जंगल में चीते

ढोलधमादम झान झमाझम रात नाच गाने में कटती

हरे भरे जंगल में तुम्हे दिखाता कितनी मस्ती घटती

मैं पैर पटकता हिनहिन करता, तुम हसते और खुश होते

कितनी नकली अपनी दुनिया ये केहते और फिर सोते

कड़बक कड़बक कड़बक कड़बक

If I were a horse, tall and strong

I would have sprinted, with you on my back

In the wink of an eye we would be in some distant valley

Talking to the winds (running fast), we would reach that deserted place

And then I would show you how the sun rises after taking a dip in the river

How pheasants race on the ground, how doves peck at the grains

How cranes meditate, and how fishes sway (swim) in peace

How lapwings call out loudly as they circle the sky above

How groups of deer gather around the river to quench their thirst

How the cheetah leave behind their foot prints as they head to the jungle

The night would be spent singing and dancing to melodious folk tunes

I would show you how one could have fun even in that dense green jungle

I would throw my feet on the ground and make happy noises, and you would laugh and feel happy too

And before you went to sleep that night you would realize how artificial your world is.

It could easily pass for a nursery rhyme, but dig deeper and you will find how the composition reminds one of the simple rhythm of life which is lost in the hustle and bustle of  cities. Cities where the sounds of the birds  are buried in loud music and car horns, the rising sun shares the sky with the multitude of lights that dot the skyline through the break of dawn, the man-made comforts and luxuries replace the contentment and  pleasure that comes with living close to nature.

It reminds us that finding happiness is that simple! Happiness is not about living and waiting for a special moment, it is about living in the moment.  Only if we were wise enough to tie our happiness to collecting experiences and not to gathering things 🙂


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