Nindiya re – Kaavish (Lyrics and Meaning)


Here is the link to the song : Nindiya re

Haule haule raaton ko, chupke se aaja re

Nindiya re nindiya re, ankhiyon mein sama jaa re

Nindiya re…

Kahin dur sitaaron pe, chanda ke ishaaron pe,

Palne ko tere jo pariyon ne jhulaaya re

Nindiya re…

Jugnu panchi, pyaare pyaare, tere sapne bune

Neend bhare in aankhon se teri chupke se kehte rahein

So jaa re, so ja re, sapno mein kho jaa re

Sneak in gently in the night, Oh sleep, come fill the eyes

On some distant star, at the request of the moon

The fairies gently sway your cradle

Lovely fireflies and birds, weave you dreams,

And keep telling your sleepy eyes,

Fall asleep, drift away into your dreams.

The song does not have fancy words but that is how lullabies should be right, no difficult words, no hidden meanings, just a tune and a song that spells peace and that is exactly how this song is. I sing it to my niece and she falls asleep in no time. I clicked this picture on one such occasions.

Oh and happy children’s day, do kids still celebrate Chacha Nehru’s birthday in India, I wonder? Probably my little cousins can help me with this one. 🙂


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