The Vegas Neighbourhood


Red Rock Canyon, Nevada


Lake mead, Nevada

A typical Las Vegas trip photo collection would be very different from this one. (well I did click some pictures of the casinos and their grandeur, but that’s for another post.)

If you get a chance to step out of the glamorous and glittering world of casinos on the Las Vegas strip, you will notice that it is not very different from any other city you have been to. And if you get a chance to step out of the city and explore the area around it, the hillocks of the red rock canyon and the contrasting blue of lake mead against the sandy brown banks will leave you in awe.

A crazy party for a couple of hours is fun, but actually staying in a perpetual party place that is always noisy and crazy is not exactly my idea of fun. So when I got a chance to spend a few hours away from the city before my flight back, I was the first one to jump into the car. We just had to drive around the canyon and lake mead because we were short on time, but if there is ever a next time, I would love to go on a trail and explore the desert landscape on foot.


3 thoughts on “The Vegas Neighbourhood

  1. Ya I had been in Aug 2013. Place is very serene, untouched(you dont see very human frendly climatic conditions or the facilities). Leh city you have all man needs, but if you go to Hunder(Numbra Valley) or Pangyong Lake it’s just so beautiful and rudimentary. The best part is the challenging roads to reach and the conditions. I can keep writing endlessly about the goods, only caution is Climatic Conditions….. If you ever go, take the road….

    • I have had the chance to travel the southern states but not so much up north. Does Ladakh have a similar landscape? Have you been there? The pictures online sure spell tranquility

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