Thanda Paani – Boondein (lyrics and meaning)

Thanda paani naalue ra tere, sang sang chalna tere

Dur se aaye, yaad dilaaye, dur se aaye baadal ghanere, sang sang 

Paagal hawa, daaman mera, chooke chale, sang sang..

Dhoka de jaaye na, Kahin aa jaaye na, jaadu bhare, sang sang..

Oh cold water of the river, I want to walk along with you

You come from far away and remind us of the distant beautiful (dark) clouds

As do the crazy winds that caress my soul (literally veil) as they flow

It (water) does not betray, it does not leave, and fills (the mountains with) magic

I find pahadi songs (folk songs from the mountains) very pure and peaceful – probably it is  the flow of notes or the choice of notes or the instruments used or the slow rhythm or probably all of the above. They transport me to the majestic mountains, I can almost see the snow covered peaks, the lush green valleys and the crystal clear water glistening and making its way though a bright and sunny day. Oh well may be I am just getting better at day dreaming 🙂

This song Thanda Pani  is from the album Boondein by the Silk Route band, sung my Mohit Chauhan.

Disclaimer : I do not know the Pahadi (language of the mountains) very well. So the meanings may not be exact, but that is how I interpreted the song. (Nallua could just mean “tap” but I thought “river” was more fitting :))


6 thoughts on “Thanda Paani – Boondein (lyrics and meaning)

  1. welll naula in uttarakhand especially in kumaon means a source of drinkable water. which is coming naturally from ground

  2. Nallua does not means tap, you were correct to interpret it as river. We in Himachal use the word “Nallua” or “nalla” to refer to a small river.

  3. silk route…… sang some very good numbers,especially dooba dooba , morni, dastak,humsafar,…..i am your biggest fan………..your music is epic, mohit. Atul, Kem, Kenny …… guys rock ….hoping to see you guys with a another album……….

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