Ab na jaa – Euphoria (lyrics and meaning)

One of my all time favorites (Ab naa jaa)

Aankhein band kar loon jo main, dekhoon bas tumhe

Khwaabon mein hi keh sakta hoon apna tumhe

Rehne de mera ye vehem pe hi yaqeen, na jaa abhi

Pyaar ki ye raat hai, ab na jaa, Choti si ek baat hai ab na jaa.

Pal do pal ka saath hai ab na jaa, Jaadu si ye raat hai ab na jaa 

Whenever I close my eyes, I see only you,

Alas it is only in dreams that you can be mine

Let my heart believe in this illusion, please don’t leave

This is a night of love, don’t go, I have a small thing to tell you, don’t go

Lets be together for a few moments, don’t go, It is a magical night, don’t go

Tumhi se hai meri neendein, na bhi ho to kya

Tumhi se hai meri baatein, na bhi ho to kya

Kehne de taaron ko kahaani ankahi, na jaa abhi

Pyar ki ye baat hai…

All my dreams (when I sleep) are about you, but would you care if they weren’t?

All my conversations are about you, but would you care if they weren’t?

Let the stars narrate my unrevealed story, please don’t leave

Maathe pe pyaar ki boondein, bikhre se kayi sawaal

Aankhon mein kitne mausam, pal mein beete kitne saal

Behne de jahaan bhi le jaaye zindagi, na jaa abhi

Pyaar ki ye baat hai…

Drops of love on the forehead, some scattered (unanswered) questions

So many seasons in the eyes, seems like years have passed in a moment

Let is go where life takes us, please don’t leave

I have watched this video over and over, closed my eyes and imagined such a reunion over and over, and then I open my eyes and the imagination disappears into thin air, into that place somewhere between reality and imagination, where the imagination is as real as one believes it to be and reality as imaginary as one can imagine…I think i am not making sense anymore, so I think i will just let it be…and listen to this nostalgic song over and over and over….


5 thoughts on “Ab na jaa – Euphoria (lyrics and meaning)

  1. Euphoria really is amazing. The song ‘mehfuz’ always leaves me speechless. And, you gave me another gem to listen to. Thanks!
    I look forward to more posts of this kind.

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