जहाँ तेरे क़रीब होने का वहम, मेरे हक़ीक़त से उलझ पड़ता था

सुना है उन हसीन गालियों में, अब रिश्ते दफनाये जाते हैं



4 thoughts on “वहम

    • Thank you! Well as for the English translation, it may not sound as nice as it does in urdu, but let me try.
      “Where the delusion of you being close to me muddled my reality, I hear they use that place to bury relationships now”
      That would be the word to word meaning.
      And what was I thinking when I wrote it ?
      There were times I could feel you close to me (delusion) even though you weren’t (reality). But I don’t feel like that anymore, those moments seem to have been buried and forgotten.

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