Sab se peeche hum khade – Silk Route (lyrics and meaning)

And the mohit chauhan fever continues 🙂  This same song was used in the movie “aao wish karein” but I like this version better : sab se peeche hum khade

Zara nazar utha ke dekho, baithe hain hum yahin,

Bekhabar mujhse kyun ho, itne bure bhi hum nahi

Zamaane ki baaton mein uljho na, hai ye asaan jaan na

Khud se jo agar tum poocho, hai hum tumhare ki nahi

Teri aankhon ka jaadoo, poori duniya pe hai

Duniya ki is bheed mein, sabse peeche hum khade

Mehfilein aayi aur gayi, log aaye aur gaye

Tum jo aaj aaye ho, dil mein ho bas gaye

Muskura ke baat taalo na, phir miloge jo kahin

Dekhna yahi kahoge, itne bure the hum nahi

Teri aankhon ka jaadu puri duniya pe hai

Duniya ki is bheed mein, sabse peeche hum khade

Did not feel like doing a line by line translation of this song. But in short (or long :)) : The guy is trying to get the attention of the girl who does not even acknowledge his presence. He tells her to atleast take a look at him, he is not that bad or unnoticeable. Everyone seems to be enchanted by the magic of her eyes and the guy feels like he is the last one she will notice. He tells her not to get distracted by the opinions of the world, to just ask herself what she thinks about him. And he tells her don’t just disregard my words, because the next time we meet somewhere, you will know that I wasn’t that bad after all.

A friend reintroduced this song to my playlist. I had totally forgotten about it. So I just decided to make a note here. I cannot afford to lose songs like this to the folds of time, it is like a gem – rare and precious, brings back memories that make me smile 🙂


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