Weekly photo challenge : Depth


Probably Niagara Falls (NY) is more a symbol of height than depth, but I realized that height and depth are the same thing, just from different observation points. 🙂


Jaane kya sochkar nahi guzra – Kinara (Lyrics and Meaning)

A gem from the past, A moment stuck in time,  Jaane kya sochkar nahi guzra

Jaane kya soch kar nahi guzra, ek pal raat bhar nahi guzra

What did it stop to think, that it did not pass

That one moment which did not pass all night long

Apni tanhayi ka auron se na shikwaa karna,

tum akele hi nahi ho sabhi akele hain

Ye akela safar nahi guzra

Don’t complain about your loneliness to others

You are not the only loner, they are all lonely too

This lonely journey is endless (literally does not pass)

Do ghadi jeene ki mauhalat to mili hai sabko,

Tum bhi mil jaao ghadi bhar to ye gham kam hota hai

Ek ghadi ka safar nahi guzra

Everyone has been spared a few moments to live

When I meet you in one of those moments, I feel sad that  life starts to feel too short 

The journey through that moment could never see an end

Music : R D Burman, Lyrics : Gulzar, Singer : Kishore Kumar. Need I say more. 🙂

I have been listening to this all morning. It reminds me of all those moments in the past – happy and sad, of good byes and hellos, moments that I want to go back and change but I can’t, moments that I want to relive but I can’t, Moments that have passed but I just can’t get over them. They keep coming back, they pull me towards them, they make me think and re-think, but they never seem to pass.

Do you have those moments from your past- which you wish you could change ( like say or do something differently) ? Do they haunt you? Is there a way to get past them? Do you have those moments from your past which you wish you could live forever?  Is there a way to relive them? Or is this all one can do – keep wandering in the past, wondering – “jaane kya sochkar nahi guzara