Jaane kya sochkar nahi guzra – Kinara (Lyrics and Meaning)

A gem from the past, A moment stuck in time,  Jaane kya sochkar nahi guzra

Jaane kya soch kar nahi guzra, ek pal raat bhar nahi guzra

What did it stop to think, that it did not pass

That one moment which did not pass all night long

Apni tanhayi ka auron se na shikwaa karna,

tum akele hi nahi ho sabhi akele hain

Ye akela safar nahi guzra

Don’t complain about your loneliness to others

You are not the only loner, they are all lonely too

This lonely journey is endless (literally does not pass)

Do ghadi jeene ki mauhalat to mili hai sabko,

Tum bhi mil jaao ghadi bhar to ye gham kam hota hai

Ek ghadi ka safar nahi guzra

Everyone has been spared a few moments to live

When I meet you in one of those moments, I feel sad that  life starts to feel too short 

The journey through that moment could never see an end

Music : R D Burman, Lyrics : Gulzar, Singer : Kishore Kumar. Need I say more. 🙂

I have been listening to this all morning. It reminds me of all those moments in the past – happy and sad, of good byes and hellos, moments that I want to go back and change but I can’t, moments that I want to relive but I can’t, Moments that have passed but I just can’t get over them. They keep coming back, they pull me towards them, they make me think and re-think, but they never seem to pass.

Do you have those moments from your past- which you wish you could change ( like say or do something differently) ? Do they haunt you? Is there a way to get past them? Do you have those moments from your past which you wish you could live forever?  Is there a way to relive them? Or is this all one can do – keep wandering in the past, wondering – “jaane kya sochkar nahi guzara


16 thoughts on “Jaane kya sochkar nahi guzra – Kinara (Lyrics and Meaning)

  1. Agree with Krithya. Why do people make it a contest? Art is all about feeling. How one feels about a painting, a voice, a composition, a film, it’s such a personal journey. Appreciating one, doesn’t discount the other.

  2. You are wrong in some Lyrics, my friend…
    Tum bhi mil jaao ghadi bhar to ye gham hota hai, IS NOT When I meet you in one of those moments, I feel sad that..
    It is ” kam ” hota hai.. when I meet you for that moment, the actual two moments gets “reduced to one moment”..Got that, superb lines by Gulzar

  3. Oh absolutely, totally agree with you on that. Some songs, movies and artists, one can only admire after a certain level of maturity is reached both in taste and in life 🙂 Age and experiences definitely change perceptions.

  4. Such a wonderful song…my favorite lines being “Apni tanhayi ka auron se na shikwaa karna,

    tum akele hi nahi ho sabhi akele hain”. On another note, I have realized that as i have aged, I don’t quite appreciate Kishore’s voice as much as I do Rafi’s (who I didn’t care for much in my youth)..I wonder how Rafi would have sung this!

    • I think its a tough choice to make. I grew up listening to Kishore kumar’s songs because my dad was a big fan, so they hold a special place, but probably Rafi has more depth in his voice. I will have to keep an eye on my oldies playlist to notice a preference I guess. As always, a pleasure to read your comment, hope you visit again. 🙂

      • 🙂 Kishore still holds a special place…there are songs that take me back to a time and a place in a way only music can. What I am referring to is how with age, your affinities change, just that I didn’t “get” rafi then, now I do! Similarly with some movies and actors…as an example I would run to the hills whenever Meena Kumari appeared on the telly, but now I am completely taken by her. Age changes perception of art and artists, no?

      • Same here. I grew up on Kishore because of my father but I discovered and fell in love with Rafi. I often say this of the song ‘Hai Duniya Ussi Ki’ from Kashmir Ki Kali, that the intoxication on Shammi Kapoor’s face is nothing compared to that in Rafi Sahab’s voice.

    • Rafi was not actually a playback singe per se..He was a singer, a “Good” singer, sure..But he always sang in HIS voice, whether Dilip Kumar, Dev anand, or Dharmendra or Rishi kapoor..No change!, where as Kishore Kumar is the only “true” playback singer who modulated his voice to suit from Dev Anand of the 50 s/ 60s to Rajesh Khanna of the 70s to Rishi Kapoor of the 80s. Besides Kishores range of songs are as moody as his multi faceted character, He was a genius singer. No less a person than Lata ji and Asha choose him over Rafi..
      Its true, only most Rafi fans will not admit it out of sheer ego. BTW, Kishore and Rafi were the best of friends off work, and highly respected each others work too…

      • I am not really sure if ego has anything to do with one’s preference one way or the other. Every singer has a style and every person has a preference. No one here is undermining Kishore Kumar’s voice or his contributions, but what one chooses to listen and appreciate is a matter of personal choice don’t you think? When both the singers “highly respected” each others work and accomplishments, who are we to put one above / below the other?

      • Hello Nagesh! There is no “ego” in what I wrote. It’s a mere observation, as I have grown older, Rafi’s voice evokes emotions that were absent in my younger days. This is no comparison on the singing prowess of him vs Kishore. And when I listen to songs from yore now, they are mostly devoid of the visuals, so it really doesn’t matter who was on screen, since that aspect has become immaterial for me. Hence, my approach to listening to these songs are no longer from a “playback” perspective, but merely a stand alone experience on the merit of the composition, singing, and poetry. Hope that clears the fact that there is no battle of Rafi Vs Kishore – not in my head space.

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