Weekly Photo Challenge : ROY G. BIV


Here is a picture of an actual rainbow (twin rainbow) which I uploaded a while back.

In response to the weekly photo challenge : ROY G. BIV


Weekly Photo Challenge : On the way



On the way to my PhD. defense presentation, I was sifting through papers all along, working on my presentation and as I decided to give my eyes a break, I looked out of the aircraft window. I thought from preparing so many flowcharts and reading so many papers about atoms and molecules, I was actually seeing spheres, squares and rectangles everywhere. But I soon realized this was real, and it looked like someone was playing a grand Othello game 🙂

If you are still wondering what they are, they are circular fields of corn, soy and wheat in the U.S. Midwest! At first I wondered why would someone plant crops in circles wasting the land on the edges, but turns out they are sacrificing a small amount of their produce to conserve the more precious fresh water that is used to water these crops (using a technique called central pivot irrigation which makes the water more readily available for the crops, reduces evaporation from the surface and so also reduces water usage!)

(A better picture and description is available here. )

In response to the weekly photo challenge : On the way