Weekly Photo Challenge : ROY G. BIV


Here is a picture of an actual rainbow (twin rainbow) which I uploaded a while back.

In response to the weekly photo challenge : ROY G. BIV


4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : ROY G. BIV

  1. Oh yea, that is right! the color wheel – so the violet is more red and the indigo is more blue. In fact some rainbows have a hint of purple right after the red, like its almost blending into a violet color. I am glad this set of pictures prompted that thought. 🙂
    Thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts.

  2. I’ve seen a lot of photos arranged in order today but yours is the one that made me have an epiphany about the struggles folks are having with indigo and violet. This shot made me remember that that is actually a color WHEEL, so indigo and violet fit between blue and red … meaning that violet has red tones while indigo does not.

    So. Yeah. Nerd-rant over.

    • Hey thanks Sylvain. You have an amazing blog too. I wish I could follow your descriptions…I am sorry for my ignorance, but what language is it that you use for blogging?

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