Jaane do – Agosh (Lyrics and Meaning)

Here is the youtube link to this light hearted fun song : Jaane Do – Agosh . The song is simple enough, and does not really require a translation, but still putting it down here, just in case a non-Hindi  speaker (which is highly unlikely) stumbles upon this post or ends up liking the song and comes looking for it. 🙂 ( The lyrics would make more sense if you can find the original video 🙂 )

Choti si baat ko dil mein lagao kyun, jaane do 

Itni se baat pe aasmaan hilao kyun, jaane do 

Zindagi haseen hai, mastiyon ka scene hai

Gadbadi jo hogi to hogi jaane do 

Sochna sochna, kaahe ko kosna 

Wo kisi ke car mein baith ke chali gayi, Jaane do 

Choti si baat ko ….

Why take to heart such a small thing, just let it go

Why take the sky apart on such a small thing, just let it go 

Life is beautiful and you can always have some fun 

Mishaps happen all the time just let it go

Why think so much about it and keep cursing the situation

She left in some one else’s car, (tough luck), let it go 🙂 


Garmiyon ki chuttiyaan, sardiyon ki chuttiyaan 

Holiday homework jaane do 

Wo haseen ho gayi, hum jawaan ho gaye, 

Fir bhi naa teamwork jaane do 

Hey hey hey hey soch lo baby, meri maano aur jaane do na

Hey hey hey hey dil pehchaano aur jaane do na  

Sochna sochna, baalon ko nochna kyun? 

To IIT exam mein funday gol ho gaye, jaane do 

Choti si baat ko …

During summer and winter vacations, 

Forget about the holiday homework, let it go

She has grown to be pretty, and you have grown up too

But still there is no teamwork, let it go..

just hear me out, and let it go

Listen to your heart, and let it go 

Why stress out thinking so hard about it and pulling your hair

What if you could not get through the IIT exams, just let it go 


Ladkiyon ka roothna, apne dil ka tootna, 

Kismaton ka phootna jaane do 

Aur fir ministeron se leke thaanedaar tak 

Sabka humko lootna jaane do 

hey hey hey hey soch lo baby, meri maano aur jaane do

Hey hey hey hey dekh lo baby, dil mein thaano aur jaane do 

Sochna sochna baalon ko nochna kyun? 

Jisse pyaar tha kabhi uski shaadi ho gayi, jaane do 

Choti si baat ko dil …

Girls walking away and leaving you heart broken 

Hard luck, just let it go 

And then from the ministers to the police inspectors 

Everyone is out for your money (asking for bribes), just let it go

just hear me out, and let it go

Just make up your mind  and let it go 

Why stress out thinking so hard about it and pulling your hair

The one you loved got married to someone else, just let it go…

I was stressed about this deadline at the end of the week and then out of the blue started humming this song. It used to be my anthem when I was in high school (at least that is when I heard it). I don’t even remember when the song came out, but anyone remember the band Agosh? I think the more famous song from this band was called – Paisa but somehow this song – “Jaane do” made more sense to me at that time. (Back then it was more about acing an exam, making more friends, becoming popular, impressing the guy on the next bench etc. etc. :).. and then when none of those things happened, this song came to the rescue. ) I guess most of us at some point in life must have identified with few or all lines from this song.

Well now that I think of it, with some words replaced here and there (summer and winter vacations replaced by weekends, holiday homework replaced by work related stress, the girl who left in someone else’s car replaced by that career you always wanted but never pursued, IIT exams replaced by projects at work) ….  this song can fit into most situations even now, where we take ourselves  or our lives so seriously that we forget to enjoy.

Hope you enjoy this carefree song as much as I did..or may be not, Jaane do 🙂

Happy Friday!!!!

Its almost weekend, kaam ke tension jaane do!




Weekly Photo Challenge : Time


In response to the weekly photo challenge : time

I came across this tree trunk in the coast redwood forest, Muir Woods in San Francisco, CA.

 I am not sure how many rings this big guy has, but it is estimated that some trees in this forest are several hundred years old. Each ring is a reminder of the years that this tree has witnessed probably the times before Columbus set foot in America and then the gold rush, and probably the world wars….if only trees could speak we could all learn history from an observer’s perspective….and have a more accurate account of “TIME”.

समझौता (Compromise)


हर शक्स ने तब तलक नेमते बक्शी
जब तलक रस्म-ए-जहान निभाया हमने

हर उम्मीद लड़ती रही यक़ीन के सरहद पर
जब तलक ख्वाहिशों को बचाया हमने

हर रोज़-ए-फर्दा बनी अक्स वादा-ए-बातिल की
जब तलक माज़ी से दिल बहलाया हमने

हर शाम रोशन रही महफिलें हमारी
जब तलक अरमानो को जलाया हमने

यूँ रूह लुटती रही रेज़ा रेज़ा करके
जब तलक ज़ाहिर को सजाया हमने