समझौता (Compromise)


हर शक्स ने तब तलक नेमते बक्शी
जब तलक रस्म-ए-जहान निभाया हमने

हर उम्मीद लड़ती रही यक़ीन के सरहद पर
जब तलक ख्वाहिशों को बचाया हमने

हर रोज़-ए-फर्दा बनी अक्स वादा-ए-बातिल की
जब तलक माज़ी से दिल बहलाया हमने

हर शाम रोशन रही महफिलें हमारी
जब तलक अरमानो को जलाया हमने

यूँ रूह लुटती रही रेज़ा रेज़ा करके
जब तलक ज़ाहिर को सजाया हमने



13 thoughts on “समझौता (Compromise)

  1. Hi Krithya,

    I follow your blog regularly. You write awesome stuff. But sometimes layman like me find it difficult to reach all the emotion you want to pen down. It will be so nice if you provide some explanation. We could reach the depth of your thoughts.

    Thanks. Keep writing.

    • Hey Dnyaneshwar, First of all thank you for your compliment but I am also a lay person just like you 🙂 I will definitely try to add a line or two about the stuff that I write, but I also feel that may bias the imagination of the person reading it…The same words trigger different memories for each person and I do not want to rob anyone of that experience while reading my blog, but will try to add a few lines and be as discrete and still as insightful as I can (if those two things can go together :)).

  2. That’s so philosophical and yet a bit cynical!
    Very well expressed
    Learnt a new word
    I stumbled here while exploring gulzar and the namkeen song which you put in English words quite well!

    • Philosophical yet cynical – that kind of describes my state of mind when I was writing this up 🙂
      I am glad my blog has more to offer than the stuff you came looking for. Do visit again.
      Looking forward to reading your poems 🙂

  3. Hi

    I stumbled upon your blog looking for Piyush Mishra’s Husna. And, I’m hooked! I’m surprised I didn’t come across this before.

    I’ll leave you with a few lines written by one of my favourite poets:

    दो दिन ही मधु मुझे पिलाकर ऊब उठी साकीबाला,
    भरकर अब खिसका देती है वह मेरे आगे प्याला,
    नाज़, अदा, अंदाजों से अब, हाय पिलाना दूर हुआ,
    अब तो कर देती है केवल फ़र्ज़ – अदाई मधुशाला।।

    शांत सकी हो अब तक, साकी, पीकर किस उर की ज्वाला,
    ‘और, और’ की रटन लगाता जाता हर पीनेवाला,
    कितनी इच्छाएँ हर जानेवाला छोड़ यहाँ जाता!
    कितने अरमानों की बनकर कब्र खड़ी है मधुशाला।।

    किसे नहीं पीने से नाता, किसे नहीं भाता प्याला,
    इस जगती के मदिरालय में तरह-तरह की है हाला,
    अपनी-अपनी इच्छा के अनुसार सभी पी मदमाते,
    एक सभी का मादक साकी, एक सभी की मधुशाला।।

    अपने युग में सबको अनुपम ज्ञात हुई अपनी हाला,
    अपने युग में सबको अदभुत ज्ञात हुआ अपना प्याला,
    फिर भी वृद्धों से जब पूछा एक यही उत्तर पाया –
    अब न रहे वे पीनेवाले, अब न रही वह मधुशाला!।

    • Thanks again….believe it or not, I have sort of started to look forward to your comments. So you too – keep writing 🙂
      Now for the meanings : नेमते – gifts/ blessings, रोज़-ए-फर्दा – tomorrow, वादा-ए-बातिल – false promise.
      I assume rest of the words are not new to someone who loves the lyrics as much as the music of Bollywood songs old and new. 🙂

      • You read my mind..those were the exact words that I didn’t get…but I appropriated them by context and weren’t too far from the translation you provided. Thank you 🙂

        And you flatter me when you say you look for ward to my comments. Shukriya, it feels good to that the bits and bytes that I send in the vast ocean of the interwebs are being caught by your fishing net!

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