Changing Seasons, Changing Landscapes (4)



3 thoughts on “Changing Seasons, Changing Landscapes (4)

  1. Hi Krithya,

    These shots are ‘Beautiful’…which place is it? Here’s something I’d like to do since I have been reading and watching your work since a while……I’d like to share a few things I have written but I don’t maintain a blog…so can I share it on your email…if yes, send me your email…and also I’d really like you to visit my website called
    I think you would relate to it…I have mainly posted articles, quotes, questions, and a few other things in it…but also I’d like to share some poems and it’s be nice if you could share your email…
    Keep writing and keep clicking 🙂


    • Thanks Sarthak. Would love to read your poems etc. It would be easier if you leave your email, I can unapprove the comment so it is not shared with others. I am not sure if I can unapprove my own responses 🙂

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