Sone do – Citylights (Lyrics and Meaning)

Nope haven’t watched the movie, was listening to best of Arijit singh playlist, and after some of the typical Arijit romantic hits, I stumbled upon this song….

Sone do, khwaab bone do

Jaagenge phir thaamenge koi wajah jeene ki 

Let me sleep, let me create some dreams 

If I wake up, I will again try to hold on to some reason for living


So when I wake up, I will have a reason to continue living

The pessimist in me thinks the former translation is right and the optimist thinks the latter is 🙂 although the latter makes more sense with the rest of the song. Probably watching the movie may put the song into some perspective. Either ways I think both translations still agree with finding comfort in the dreams momentarily, to help one deal with the miseries in life. Whether dreams are a means of flight or fight depends on the person  reading the words I guess and/or the situation for the song in the movie 🙂

Parchayee ke peeche peeche bhaag raha hai mann 

Chaand ko mutthi mein bharne ko karta roz jatan 

Pyaase se is panchi ko, koi nadi milne do na 

Sone do…

My heart keeps chasing shadows, 

And everyday it tries to capture the moon in its hands (tries to gain control over the moon) 

I am like a thirsty bird, let me stumble upon a river 

Let me sleep….

Tell me about it, isn’t that what life is all about after all. Every morning we wake up and start running, running after things that are fleeting like the shadows or running after these far fetched unachievable goals like the moon. Wouldn’t it be nice if for once we can look for and find something for real, like a thirsty bird finding a river…Well if you let me sleep, at least I can dream about it.

Itne saare chehre hain aur tanha sab ke sab

Tere sheher ka kaam hai chalna yun hi bematlab

Chehron ke is mele mein, apna koi milne do na 

Sone do…

There are so many faces (around me), and yet they all seem lonely (friendless) 

It seems like the your city’s job (and the duty of everyone in it) is to keep moving aimlessly

In this crowd full of (aimless, friendless) faces, let me find someone I know ( a friend or a loved one) 

Let me sleep….

These are my favorite lines in the song. Unless you walk into a crowd of teens or younger kids, there is an underlying loneliness that accompanies every face, every smile. Like along the growing up road, we keep growing our “personal space” by gathering a little loneliness at a time, until it distances us from everyone around, until loneliness finally takes over. And then, every one seems to be walking in a different direction, lost and lonely just like us. So to find someone, a friend, a beloved, anyone, in this crowd who can break that wall around you, and will walk with you to wherever you are headed, no matter how ridiculously weird or impossible that path may be, that is priceless.

Besides being a song that puts the struggle of life into simple and yet profound words, the hauntingly beautiful prelude and interlude will be with you long after the song is played and forgotten…at least that is where I am for now.






तू झोंका है या तूफ़ान कोई, इसी कश्मकश में हूँ
तू उन हवाओं में भी है जो माथे को सहलाके, दिल को सुकून दे जाया करती हैं,
तू उन हवाओं में भी है जो मेरी सुलझी हुई दुनिया को, बग़ावत के रंगों से भर जाय करती हैं


तू बाराँ का हिस्सा है या मद्द का, इसी कश्मकश में हूँ
तू उन बूंदों में भी है जो मेरी रूखी शामों को मिट्टी की खुशबू से महका जाया करती हैं,
तू उन बूंदों में भी है जो लबरेज़ आँखों से बहकर, रू की रंगत बदल जाय करती हैं

तू आरज़ी है या मुस्तक़िल, इसी कश्मकश में हूँ,
तू उन वादों का ऐतबार भी है, जो ज़िन्दगी के आख़िरत तक निभाए जाते हैं,
तू उन वादों का हबीब भी है, जो न खुद सँभलते हैं ना संभाले जाते हैं.

तू ज़ाहिर है या मस्तूर, इसी कश्मकश में हूँ,
तू वो लफ्ज़ भी है, जिनको समझने में कोई पेंच-ओ-ख़म नहीं होता
तू लफ़्ज़ों के बीच की वो ख़ामोशी भी है, जो बयान होके भी बयान नहीं होती

तू ग़ैर या रफ़ीक़, इसी कश्मकश में हूँ,
तू वो शक्स भी है, जिसकी बातों की अबतरी में खो जाने का हिसास है
तू वो शक्स भी है, जिसकी बाहों के दायरे में हिफाज़त का एहसास है

– कृत्या

(That stormy evening, by the sea, while the city prepared for the much needed change from the ever rising heat, I sat there staring into the horizon, a thousand thoughts racing, what ifs and if onlys, a storm approaching, a storm within, no place to go, no where to hide,  should I embrace the clouds or hold on to the sun, I sat there without a clue, because you were to me both the storm and the sun, you were both chaos and order — this pic reminded me of that stormy evening, the confusion, us! What would life be if I had chosen differently? ) 
-Late summer sunset, Mumbai.