Hi there

Welcome to my little space on the WORLD WIDE web. Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you find more than what you came looking for.

This blog Treasured Trifles and Trifled Treasures is just that. Words , lines , songs and memories that I love and treasure. Every post here is really close to my heart ,few  things that I love , and little things that I would never talk about , but can blog about.

Comments and  Compliments  welcome.

I love life,breathe Bollywood ,enjoy lyrically good music and company of simple people and creating pieces of art (everything from small  earrings to oil paintings)  and DANCE , I also eat a lot , love to make  and break exercise regimes and weight reduction promises , and of course “WORK” whenever I am not doing any of the above.
I am a very restless person and keep moving from one thing to other , but strongly  believe  in this  simple thought ,”There is nothing in the world that can replace the joy and satisfaction in  giving ,sharing and caring


48 thoughts on “About

    • sigh I thought restless nature is one thing I totally own 🙂 , and now I have competition…..
      By the way thats a good reason to start a blog, just be at it and you will see how the restlessness can be put to good use… 😀
      I am looking forward to reading some of your posts….besides that example post and comment that you have on your blog 😀
      Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to comment fellow restless blogger

  1. After going through your blog, am sure you will love the song : ik bagal mein need hogi from gangs of wasseypur.
    Infact, am a bit surprised that I didn’t find it in your beautiful collection.

  2. hey krithya.. finally i got someone who trully undstnds the meaning of L-I-F-E.. too short a word but too looooooong to live in way according 2 today’s wrld concept.. i dunno y people of 2day’s wrld think ‘career’ or attaining good some of money is the life n success..n H-a-p-p-p-p-i-ness lies no where 2 dem… I trully agree with ur words “There is nothing in the world that can replace the joy and satisfaction in giving ,sharing and caring “. I love doing dat . m a teenager n my pals laugh at me when care n help someone unknown or include social service as one of my aim of life … nyway check out ” raabta” anodr wondrful lyrical song.. 🙂

    • Hey shringi
      I missed replying to your comment here. I am also really happy to know that there is someone who thinks like me :). From what I have learned so far in life, friends, people, neighbors, family everyone comes and goes, but I am the only one who will stay with me as long as I live, so its better to live the way I like! you are doing something good (helping others) so don’t worry about those who laugh at you….their laughter is temporary, but your help and care will be permanent in the memory of those who you helped! .Good Luck! and by “raabta” did you mean the song from agent vinod? I already have it! Its beautiful.

  3. i visited your blog while searching for lyrics of “kitni girhaein baqi hain” and ended up following it. 🙂

  4. Bravo.. Kritya your work is like a plate full of my favourite food items (evidently i am a die-hard foodie hence the similie). You are absolutely one with the providence (and i dont really mean God, as i don’t know if you are a believer) when these words come out…please please keep up with the good work.. i always know where to knock when i am really looking for some solace and time out of this world..

  5. Hi Krithya

    Brilliant translation and interpretation of lyrics.
    “Ghar” lyrics brought me here and went through your collection of poetry and all loved them all. Treasure of happiness and absolute peace of mind
    Very lively and no ordinary person could write this way.
    Thanks and best wishes.

  6. Loved your translation of Kitni girhein…and especially loved your commentary after that…
    I too am into Bollywood lyrics and as a teacher of meditation use the lyrics to bring home inspiration from unexpected places…just did a concert in Sunnyvale California last week called Bollywood Inspirational Top 10 which someone with your interests would have enjoyed…
    Nice meeting you in cyberspace

    • Thanks Sanjiv for dropping by and sharing your thoughts. Using Bollywood lyrics for meditation, that is a first! I am curious what songs made it to the list of Bollywood Inspirational Top 10. 🙂 I am sure I would have liked that, except I live in the other corner of the country. Isn’t it nice – the cyberspace 🙂 I thank my younger self everyday for deciding to start a blog, it keeps me connected to strangers when friends drift apart. 🙂

  7. kuch wakt ka hosh nahi
    kuch khud ka hosh nahi
    kuch jamane par raha nahi yankiin
    kuch kudh par barosa nahii
    un rahoo par chal padte h ajkal hum
    jin rahoo pare tera hone ka jhoka nahi

    • kaun nahi madhosh yahan, waqt ke zulfon mein uljha hua

      Koi paanch waqt ka namaazii , Koi do waqt ki roti se begaana

      Koi hama-waqt ghulaam zamaane ka, Koi be-waqt ke ishq mein deewaana

      kaun nahi musafir yahan, pecheeda raahon mein uljha hua

      Koi safar ka faazil, Koi manzil se begaana

      Koi ghulaam nazaaron ka, Koi yaar ke ek nazar ka deewaana

  8. to stumble upon something
    that reminds you of forgotten things you loved

    to meet someone
    equally infatuated about
    translating songs,
    pre-empting your thoughts


    this is beautiful!
    Keep writing 🙂

    • to stumble upon a comment, that reminds you that are readers who enjoy reading your blog,
      who not only like reading
      but also make it a point to pen down (well in this case key in :)) their thoughts in such beautiful words,
      this is priceless.
      Thank you Divyang.
      Keep visiting 🙂

  9. Krithya G,
    While searching for the lyrics of the bengali song by Mousumi Bhowmick, I came to your blog. Thank you for storing that song and the translation.
    I am in search for a lot of such translation. Initially I used to like a song for the tunes and still that remains the reason why I listen to a song the 2nd time, but i never concentrated on the words. Now looking I am in search of the lyrics of the songs i like and want to do an expansion of the thoughts behind it, not sure what you call it in english. It appears that your site may have some. So thank you for compiling.
    A small line of Gulzar moved me yesterday and now I am in search for Gulzars poems in his own voice and the translations of them. Do you have any?
    Just to share that line:
    ” Thora sa rafu karke dekhiye na,
    fir se nayi si lagegi,

    zindagi hi to hain….”

  10. Hey Krithya…
    Hindi is not my mother tongue(Telugu).I used to like songs for its music but never focused on lyrics. after going through songs lyrics and their translations and poetry in your blog, I started seeing a song in different way. i started liking Urdu poetry a lot and even started learning Urdu too. You are doing really great. Keep on writing..

    • Thank you Swathi for taking the time to share your thoughts. It is nice to know that my blog generated your interest in lyrics of songs and the Urdu language. How are you learning urdu? From a website? I have never had formal urdu lessons, but if there is a resource I could use, I would jump right in. Let me know.
      Thanks again

    • Hi Anirban,
      I had no idea one could do that. I hope you enjoy reading the posts. Are you a writer? blogger? poet? photographer? all of the above? 🙂
      Thanks for dropping by.

  11. Hi Krithya, I just dropped into your blog a few minutes ago to look out for a translation, and I just loved your blog! I really wish someday I could meet you in person and wish that you are just as nice as your blog is. And it feels so good that you are still there in 2017 and reply to every comments. Wish you best of luck with everything 🙂

      • OH KRITHYA G THANK YOU JUST TONNES!!! Like I really didn’t expect that you would reply let alone translate the song I requested, I m just so….happy! Thank u soo sooo much, may 3 trucks of roses be showered upon you, stay blessed!!! 😀

  12. Hi Krithya

    I have been following your blog for quite some time and receive regular updates on your writing. I just dropped by to say that you write amazingly well and your minute observations about little things around is inspiring.
    I wish I could meet you sometime or if we could go for a walk! 😀 No, I don’t want you to catch me as insane, its just that some people, who are unknown to us, sometimes feel so close.

    The reflection of your love for Gulzar and his style of writing is evident in your work. Keep up with leading a beautiful life, treasuring the trifles

    • Thank you “Someone” for dropping by and for your kind words.
      As for my writing and observations, I try. Some days words flow easily other days I just let them be. 🙂
      Wouldn’t that be wonderful , meeting someone from the blogging world for real, I have often wondered.
      P.S. I love everything from morning walks to evening strolls. May be we have crossed paths, who knows!

  13. Found your blog when I was searching for the meaning of Piyush Mishra’s Ghar. Thank you so much for the translation and the interpretation. It was really beautiful.

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