Butterflies and Moths

Butterflies on this blog :

1. IMG_3894 Blue Glassy Tiger

2. IMG_8363  Atlas Moth

3. IMG_8340  Tailed Jay

4.IMG_8381   Tree Nymph

5. IMG_6710  African Moon Moth

6. IMG_8391-001  Malay Lace Wing

7. IMG_8415-002   Cruiser (Male)

8. 2_Apricot_Sulphur  Argante Giant Sulphur

9. Blue Striped Crow Blue Striped Crow Butterfly

10. IMG_1684  Glass Wing Butterfly

11. IMG_1801 Owl Butterfly

12. IMG_1771 Common Green Bird Wing Butterfly

13. IMG_2181 Checkered White Butterfly (Male)

14. IMG_1697 Blue Morpho Butterfly

15. IMG_1758 Malachite

16. IMG_1730 Piano Key Longwing Butterfly

17. IMG_1860 Giant Swallowtail

18.IMG_6426  Question Mark  and Comma Butterflies

19. IMG_6552 Zebra Longwing Butterfly

20. IMG_6555 Doris Longwing Butterfly

21. IMG_7170 Common Blue Butterfly

22. IMG_3639 Common Buckeye

23. IMG_2910 Lime Butterfly

24.  IMG_3760 Sara Longwing Butterfly