Weekly photo challenge : Rule of Thirds

Three amazing birds and the Rule of Thirds

A sparrow, a gull and a Canada goose….birds bold and adaptable, that keep us company all through the year, through the cold winter and the hot summer.IMG_7727



My favorite are the sparrows though, small and cute, hopping around lawns and balconies. They live in peace adding a little chirpy song to the early mornings, idle afternoons and serene evenings.

(as opposed to the Canada geese, that can get aggressive when threatened, and sea gulls that can literally snatch your food from your hands when hungry)

Blue Jay!


I was thrilled to spot a blue jay this morning. Did you know the pigment on its wings is actually melanin which means it should appear brown.  The blue appearance is due to scattering of light by modified cells on its wings (very much like the blue morpho butterfly). Blue jays exhibit erratic migratory patterns. Some migrate, some do not, some migrate every alternate year. Seems like this one is looking forward to the cold winter.