Lime Butterfly



This is an interesting butterfly, abundant in almost all tropical areas,  it has different flight patterns depending on the time of the day – from cool mornings to sunny afternoons to rainy evenings. Found this one near a pond next to a temple in Kerala.

Lime Butterfly, Kerala, India

Question Mark and Comma Butterflies


Question Mark Butterfly


Comma Butterfly

These two butterflies look exactly the same with subtle differences. Can you spot the difference? Also it looks like they have only four legs unlike normal butterflies that actually have six. The first two are small and fuzzy.

Well the difference is in the white punctuation mark on the wings.

They can also be distinguished from the dorsal side (though I could not get a good picture of the butterflies with wings open). They are both dull orange with black spots but turns out the question mark has line of four spots and the comma butterfly has a line of three spots.

To me these look like dried fallen leaves, such a wonderful disguise!