Autumn center piece


Inexpensive and super easy. All you need is some beautiful fall leaves, thick twigs, an empty bottle (I used a soy sauce bottle), some pebbles, rubber bands to hold the leaves together, and twist ties to hold the flowers on the twigs.  You can stick pearls to the center of the flowers if you want! 

Individual flowers look like this : leaf flowers


Leaf flowers!


“Autumn is the second spring when every leaf is a flower– Albert Camus

I went for a walk today. Picking up some forgotten moments from yesterday scattered like crisp autumn leaves in beautiful shades of ochre and red. And when I had walked long enough, picking up leaves and moments, my hands were no longer holding a dried bunch of maple fronds. Tattered, fallen leaves held together made this beautiful flower. Life! 

I then stuck a pearl to the center. 


How to make these flowers :

Pretty simple. All I did was collected some leaves, and arranged them as a flower and fastened the leaves with a rubber band. If you want the flowers to last long, probably coating them with Mod Podge before making the flower would be a good idea.

Painted Pots :) :) :)



I wanted to add some zing to my pots. So last week I decided to paint some designs on them with acrylic. Love how the faces turned out. They put a smile on my face every time I look out of the window.


Then tried some “warli” art on the ceramic one. This one’s a lavender plant – my first one. Can’t wait to use the leaves!

Jewellery : Earrings using jump rings

A friend of mine gave me some of her left over supplies from a chain maille class saying, there were not enough of any one kind for her projects (her projects are generally elaborate, bracelets, necklaces and stuff!). I decided to use them for my relatively simpler projects : earrings. They turned out okay I think! At least I was happy I put them to use.

DSC02262 DSC02274



My first solo dance performance

My first solo dance performance

I have been on stage before but never alone, and that too on a big stage like this one,
was nervous, and exited…..I had shaky legs and a forced smile for the first 20 seconds, my heart is racing even as I remember how I felt during that time, but once the initial fear was gone, I was good to go…..phew…glad its over and glad I tried. It was not The best, but it was My best 🙂
(Photo clicked by a friend)

A Painting

A Painting

Rusty strokes and unmixed colors, a reminder that I should paint more often. I painted almost after a decade, Water was not my best medium back then as well, I loved oil more, because of the ease of correcting mistakes 🙂 …may be the next one will be oil, but then again it takes forever to dry, aah well, the next one might be in the next decade who knows! As they say, cross the bridge when you get there